Apple and Huawei compete for satellite technology

Apple and Huawei compete for satellite technology
Apple and Huawei compete for satellite technology

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“Apple” and “Huawei” compete for satellite technology, today, Monday, September 13, 2021 04:37 pm

The Chinese company Huawei plans to compete with the “iPhone 13”, which the world is waiting for its unveiling by its giant American manufacturer, “Apple”, on the 14th of this September.

And the German website “” said that the famous Chinese company was able to secure the satellite technology of the “iPhone 13” in its upcoming new phone, “Huawei Mate 50”.

And the site, which specializes in technology and the digital world, indicated that “Apple” and “Huawei” are competing in a frantic race to obtain a technical advantage that is still ambiguous.

While the iPhone 13 is about to see the light of day, Huawei fans will have to be patient, as the Mate 50 is no longer expected to launch this year, which is putting pressure on the Chinese flagship.

There is hope for Huawei, which is that Apple will not provide satellite technology and use it as an alternative to the Internet in certain cases, directly upon the launch of the iPhone 13, which may give the Chinese company an advantage over Apple.

And with the iPhone 13, satellite technology is being used for the first time, as it is expected that users can write messages and even make calls when they have no internet at all, which can be very useful, especially in rural areas.

There are increasing indications about the use of satellite technology, as it will not be available for use for conversations, but only for emergency SMS messages.

The special fifth generation technologies in the “iPhone 13” had raised the ceiling of ambitions with regard to the issue of satellites, which was what Huawei was also watching and aspiring for in the “Mate 50”.

The two companies plan that their phone will be able to “LTE” and “5G” communications, as well as communication with satellites, and in this regard, “Apple” is cooperating with “Globalstar” to be able to provide such a service to “iPhone 13” customers.

Next year will show which of the smartphone manufacturers will eventually win the satellite technology race, while Apple has the lead in releasing the iPhone 13, Huawei can catch up quickly, and the Mate 50 is expected in the second quarter. from the year 2022.

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