daem impact.gov.lb Activate the registration link for the Lebanese ration card Terms and documents Registration

daem impact.gov.lb Activate the registration link for the Lebanese ration card Terms and documents Registration
daem impact.gov.lb Activate the registration link for the Lebanese ration card Terms and documents Registration

Link to register for the Lebanese ration cardRegistration for the support provided by the Ministry of Lebanese Affairs has become one of the most important topics of interest to millions of Lebanese since yesterday, especially after the Minister of Citizens’ Affairs called for registering their personal data and submitting documents indicating their eligibility for the grant provided by the Lebanese government represented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economy. The Ministers of Economy and Social Affairs, Raoul Nehme and Ramzi Al-Sharafieh, held a press conference to explain Submission mechanism To obtain aid, which he determined would be $93 as an average, and the maximum aid would be $126, at $25 per person in the family, in addition to an additional $15 for an elderly individual over 65 years of age, to relieve citizens as a result of the difficult economic conditions that Lebanon is experiencing. Currently, due to the Corona epidemic and the lifting of fuel subsidies, until 70% of families in Lebanon are poor and unable to provide the basics of life, which called on the government to launch this initiative.

Link to register for the Lebanese ration card

Dr. Assem Abi Ali, General Supervisor of the Lebanon Plan, stated that the Lebanese Ministry of Affairs has a database on the poorest families, which exceed 750,000 families, according to the statistics announced by the Lebanese Central Statistics Agency, and said that the measures taken by the government recently are to lift subsidies on fuel. It caused an increase in the rate of inflation and insanely high prices, which led to the rise of families who are unable to provide the minimum level of a decent life. Registration in the ration card.

The registration mechanism for the Lebanese ration card

How to submit an application electronically
  1. Entry via daem impact.gov.lb platform link.
  2. Register the required personal data (user name, password).
  3. Click on the icon to agree to legal compliance.
  4. Then click login and follow the required registration procedures.

Documents required for registration in the Lebanese ration card

Required information from those wishing to register
  • A valid and unexpired Lebanese national identity card or a Lebanese passport.
  • Information about the bank accounts of each adult family member.
  • A certified copy of the approval form for lifting banking secrecy.
  • Authorization in favor of the head of the family to receive the grant from family members.
  • Information about car books.

Learn about the categories that are excluded from the Lebanese financing card support

Families that do not qualify for support
  1. Everyone whose monthly income is $800 or $10,000 throughout the year.
  2. Any person who resides outside Lebanon for more than 6 months throughout the world.
  3. Those who have a bank account and deposited $10,000 or more, and who have two cars that were registered after 2018.
  4. All families who receive remittances of $3,000 per year.
  5. Who owns more than two cars from 2018 onwards.
  6. Families that use the services of housekeepers.

The Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs sets the registration dates

The Minister in charge of doing business, Ramzi Al-Sharafieh, announced that the registration for support starts from today, Thursday, corresponding to 09/09/2021, and continues until the middle of next month, corresponding to 10/15/2021, until midnight, after which the platform will be closed to citizens, and the minister called on the eligible The speed of the initiative to register on time The Ministry of Affairs said that the value of the support is spent in dollars or in Lebanese pounds at the black market exchange rate at the time of paying the money to the head of the family.

Means of communication with the government regarding support for the financing card

How to help with the credit card support program
  • By registering on the online platform daem impact.gov.lp.
  • Center for social affairs or associations “ngos”.
  • Through the hotline to respond to all inquiries through a team of 40 people “1747”.

What are the mechanisms and stages of implementation of the support program?

  • First, the electronic registration is done through the aforementioned registration platform.
  • After that, the next stage is to study and evaluate the application and determine its eligibility for support.
  • Then inform the head of the family of the amount that has been approved and allocated to the family.
  • Transfer the amount to the head of the family to receive it monthly.
  • Finally, full supervision by the Ministry and visits when needed to families benefiting from the support.
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