Sderot mayor against Bennett: “Feeling cheated, no one will disappoint more than him”

Sderot mayor against Bennett: “Feeling cheated, no one will disappoint more than him”
Sderot mayor against Bennett: “Feeling cheated, no one will disappoint more than him”

Alon Davidi The mayor of Sderot spoke this morning (Sunday) with Golan Yokfaz about the rocket fired last night at his city, and the IDF attack that occurred during the night. At the beginning of the interview on 103FM, Davidi attacked the government’s policy on the subject: “Shoots to places without terrorists because we have not heard of any terrorists being injured or killed, and they continue to roam free.”

According to him, the address of anyone who poses a threat to the citizens of the country and shoots in their direction, any terrorist who is dead and has blood on his hands and is involved in the injury and murder of Jews should be clear – elimination. “Residents of Sderot and the Gaza Strip are in immediate danger of being fired upon by rockets intended to kill, and we see the terrorists in Gaza continuing to live,” he added.

“Ministers have learned a law – the State of Israel will respond in the right place and time,” he added, “there is no deterrence and Hamas controls the pace of events – according to which the business will burn or calm down, and it is a pity. We are in a new year, why should we go through another year.” He stressed that “we are deteriorating in the security situation, it could be that the picture of a person living in Sderot or in a different envelope, but I do not know any other definition of children sleeping in a security guard to save their lives. These residents are like the residents of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, songs about which led to the operation. “

Artillery fire on the Gaza Strip during Operation Wall Guard (Photo Archive: Reuters)

He stressed that “terrorists should be eliminated and only a significant and strong operation will result in harm to them and the terrorist infrastructure, and long-term silence.” He said the wall guard was having a surgical operation. “I’m glad you caught those prisoners and hope they catch everyone, but Rabak, beginning of the year – reset yourself, there are citizens here who you only trust in Zionism and their commitment,” he continued, “Are we completely crazy? The mighty army in which the State of Israel invests billions “To board a plane that will drop a bomb on a dune?”

Commenting on a rocket fired at his city last night, Davidi said: “No one picked up the phone from the other side, only an iron dome to protect us. The Israeli government, the prime minister, the defense minister and the other cabinet ministers give full credit to the terrorists who shoot at us. “Palestinians, but on the southern border, are pursuing a policy that allows them to continue firing.”

“I think Bennett made a serious mistake, I do not understand how he had the courage to tell us one thing and do another. It is not political history, a politician who does things quite the opposite is not related to politics,” he said at the end of the interview, “On a personal level, I Hopefully he will make an answer. I’m still in bad feelings and I’m also being blamed. Bennett made an exit move unrelated to values, and marked the goal of being prime minister in advance, and along the way shattered many values ​​and damaged the trust of very many people. On a personal level, there is no person who will disappoint me and that I felt cheated on by him more than Naftali Bennett. “

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Michal Kadosh, 103fm

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