Surprising statements from the World Health Organization regarding the Corona virus

Surprising statements from the World Health Organization regarding the Corona virus
Surprising statements from the World Health Organization regarding the Corona virus

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Surprising statements from the World Health Organization regarding the Corona virus, today Saturday 11 September 2021 07:32 am

Surprising statements from the World Health Organization regarding the Corona virus

Doctors and experts for Al It will turn from a virus that kills 4 million people in a year to a virus that is endemic among people
The world before 2020, not as after it, a saying that has become almost certain today after a statement by the World Health Organization, described as “pessimistic”, as Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program, confirmed in a press conference today, that this virus exists “to stay.” It will evolve like a pandemic influenza virus, and it will also evolve into one of the other viruses that affect us.”
Statements that dispel hopes
Assurances that support what previous studies have said since the spread of the coronavirus mutants, but the announcement of the “World Health” broke the hopes of many, after a scientific revolution and long economic suffering incurred by all the world’s population, and social media pioneers caught the news, which became a prominent headline on global media agencies, They considered these “statements” as a shock among the community of researchers and scientists, as well as the governments that were able to administer the vaccine to most of their residents.
These statements came at a difficult time, according to activists, as they brought the determined scientific efforts back to ground zero, after a challenging journey that was punctuated by vigorous scientific efforts that contributed to giving a glimmer of hope for the future of humanity on this planet, while some described them as “pessimistic statements” as they increased the index The danger, which means that the series of deaths continues to escalate, and that vaccines, no matter how developed, the virus is still adapting to them and evolving into new mutations, with all this, health experts believe that the possibilities of recovery are still possible, and that hopes for a return to life will gradually return to normal.

Dr.. Adel Sajwani
4 million people will be killed
In his testimony to “Al”, Dr. Adel Saeed Sajwani, a family medicine consultant at Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai, considered that the statement of the World Health Organization is a “late” confirmation, because scientists and researchers confirmed about a year ago that getting rid of the coronavirus “It is out of the question”, considering that chances of mutations and mutations are possible, so the goal was not to get rid of Covid 19 forever, but rather the expected goal is to turn it from a virus that kills 4 million people per year, to an “endemic virus” that dwells among people in a way Natural leads to simple injuries that cause mild infections without posing any threat to life, and this is possible with the intensification of vaccination campaigns and the provision of vaccinations to all people.
Old talk that has been resolved
Dr. Adel reassured people about the World Health Organization’s statements, and said that they do not call for fear at all, describing them as an “old talk”, noting that the future of the virus has been decided by scientists since the beginning of its spread in the year 2020, and he reiterates that the goal from the beginning is to weaken the virus to become After years of “seasonal flu”.

Dr. Adel pointed out that before Corona, in the year 2019, the influenza virus killed about 60,000 people annually in America only, but this number decreased significantly during the pandemic, especially in the number of deaths as a result of people’s commitment to physical distancing and wearing masks. Influenza is still a sophisticated seasonal infection, and is widespread in all societies of the world, despite the availability of effective vaccinations and treatments for it, and this applies to the Corona virus as well.

Only 25% get the vaccine
Dr. mentioned. Adel that only about 25% of the world’s population has the vaccine, and most countries are still trying to provide it with difficulty for their people, and this indicates the multiplication of the virus, which gives opportunities for the occurrence of new mutations, and indicates that there is a danger to the lives of many. Noting: “When a high percentage of people are vaccinated globally, and the need for the rich country to help the poor countries in providing it, it is necessary to rely on masks for a period that may be long, until a large part of societies is vaccinated because the world is open to each other with air traffic, and there is no Someone could be isolated from having it.”
Decreased mortality is dependent on vaccination
He added: “It is clear that the severity of the virus is constantly increasing, especially with the mutated Delta, which appeared to be a new virus that differs from Corona, Wuhan and others, and this is what is likely to increase the death rate globally, and therefore it is necessary to adhere to the precautionary measures imposed by governments to immunize their societies from danger indicators.” .
According to Dr. Sajwani, countries that have high rates of vaccine recipients may have an increase in the number of infections with a very small number of deaths, and governments around the world must make a double effort in increasing the number of vaccines and intensifying and emphasizing vaccination campaigns to ensure the protection of their people, which is what Infection with the virus will significantly reduce the risk of death.

Mike Ryan
Coverage of new mutants
Dr. Sajwani commented on the statement of Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Program at the World Health Organization, saying: “Dr. Ryan said clearly that the coronavirus will continue to develop in countries that have not yet taken the vaccine, and Dr. Sajwani continued: “The vaccine is The solution is to weaken the virus to become in the future a common disease such as the common cold, and that Covid 19 and its possible variants will not disappear without intensifying vaccination campaigns to include most of the world’s population, as it has proven effective in reducing severe infections, and the proportion of the number of cases in hospital emergencies, as well as contributing to reducing the number of deaths, especially with The current mutations, and he continued: “Vaccine factories and scientific communities in the world are required to develop vaccines to cover all current and potential mutations.

Affects children as young as 3 years old
In the same context, American researchers expected that the virus would turn into a transient cold, and move to the list of infectious diseases that are known as endemic diseases, but with milder symptoms. Especially at certain age groups.
According to the German medical website, Heil Praxis, the American team of researchers studied the evolution of the Corona virus within ten years, believing that it will move from an epidemic to an endemic disease and remain at a constant level of infection among the population. The researchers expected that the Covid 19 infection in the future would infect children at an early stage between 3 to 5 years, with mild injuries, stressing that this infection would act as an immunity that protects them from diseases. The researchers also assume that the death rate from the Corona virus will be lower than the long-term seasonal flu rate, i.e. less than 0.1 percent.

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