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“Eran Zehavi – Stationary expert, a very complete striker”

“Eran Zehavi – Stationary expert, a very complete striker”
“Eran Zehavi – Stationary expert, a very complete striker”

With a perfect balance in House 6, of five wins in five games and 0:17 in goals, the Danish team will host Israel tonight (Tuesday, 21:45), and it seems that in the Scandinavian country there is a player who marked especially for the game – Eran Zehavi.

“You could say that Zahavi is one of the best strikers in Europe today,” the coach of the team that reached the last Euro semi-final, Caspar Houlmand, complimented at the press conference yesterday. Today he wrote on the Danish “TV2”: “He is the man who can hurt Denmark. In the national team camp, there is great respect for Israel and especially for Eran Zehavi, one of the most dangerous players in the World Cup qualifiers.”

With six goals in five qualifiers, Eran Zehavi shares second place in the conquerors’ table with Robert Lewandowski, and below the Serbian Alexander Mitrovic (seven goals). “He has an extraordinary amount of skills, he’s not a player you can just put in the box and say he’s good at exploiting situations. He’s a very complete striker who lives well inside the pitch and he moves the ball quickly,” Hullmand said of him.

In addition, the qualities of No. 7 were described in blue and white: “He scores from long range kicks and is a free-kick specialist. He can come from a second line and participates in offensive moves. He is very mobile and can come from different areas.”

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