Not about the vaccine alone: ​​“The solution for Corona

Not about the vaccine alone: ​​“The solution for Corona
Not about the vaccine alone: ​​“The solution for Corona

How do you put together a mix of research, tons of information about vaccines and treatments for the disease? If you ask Saar, the solution now lies in repurposing, that is, the use of existing and safe drugs that are used for another purpose and that have also been shown to be effective in treating corona. “The problem is the incentives,” he explains. “The industry has an incentive to give a profitable solution, so it should be a relatively new patent-protected product. If we trust the industry, we limit ourselves to a limited group of materials with a low chance of finding something suitable. Who should give an incentive to examine a wider group of materials? Or philanthropists, and that’s not happening right now. “

Important to note – Saar is not a doctor or researcher in the field, so all the conclusions he brings are not really a recommendation, but more a fascinating point of view of an educated person who reads a lot and also tries to help from the rich experience he brings from the high-tech world to solve complex problems.

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Navot Volk, a high-tech man.

Aviv Frenkel, media man and start-upist.

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