Newspaper secrets for Tuesday 7 September 2021

Newspaper secrets for Tuesday 7 September 2021
Newspaper secrets for Tuesday 7 September 2021

Construction: secrets and behind the scenes

Leaders in the Taliban movement affirmed their keenness to represent the Tajiks and Hazaras in the new government in pursuit of cooperative relations with Moscow and Iran.

Sources directly connected to the government track discussions said that Wednesday was agreed upon in advance as a date for evaluating and reviewing the results and determining whether the government had reached the stage of childbirth, or whether the road was blocked, or is there progress awaiting more…?

Major General: Secrets

Diplomatic sources revealed that the talks to revive the gas agreement were the first item on the agenda of the Hariri government, which did not see the light of day.

Operating banks have agreed to impose unprecedented mechanisms with regard to giving owners of deposits or transfers in Lebanese pounds what they deserve..

The Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Corporation continues to adopt a policy of discrimination between the neighborhoods of the capital, when the corporation “kindly” pumps it every week for minutes, and on an irregular basis!

Republic: Secrets

This is what one of the ministers revealed

One of the ministers revealed that state departments are working only two days a week as a result of a shortage of employees due to the gasoline crisis and the repercussions of the collapse.

Transporting a vital material to Lebanon…

It is expected that a prominent party will work to transport vital material to Lebanon through rented tankers, to be distributed first to hospitals in all regions.

Political bet!

A political and partisan marja won a bet he had made not to implement a law that was recently approved, after deciding on it posed a challenge to a great reference.

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Newspaper secrets Tuesday September

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