“Education”: The performance of the “complaining” students is weak

“Education”: The performance of the “complaining” students is weak
“Education”: The performance of the “complaining” students is weak

Dubai (Etihad)

The Emirates Foundation for School Education confirmed, in a statement yesterday, that it had received a group of parents last Wednesday and Thursday in the Foundation’s board, and two operating rooms were opened to immediately take a decision on their observations, under the direct supervision of the Foundation’s General Director and senior management. It was found that the vast majority of these students achieved poor results in the first semester exams, which led to their failure, which was repeated in the third semester, which confirms the poor performance of these students. However, the same group of parents was not convinced of the procedure followed, and came to the Foundation Yesterday morning, Sunday, September 5, they filmed a video, which is untrue, showing things contrary to what they are on the ground, causing obstruction to the reception of other auditors, and also insulting the employees of the institution.
She indicated that she had previously followed up the observations of the same parents who visited the Foundation’s headquarters on Sunday, in protest against the results of the re-exam, and received a number of them at its headquarters in Dubai. In turn, the institution’s senior leadership, along with the concerned teams, dealt with these observations and provided adequate answers to their questions and inquiries, although the door for comments on the results was closed.
In this regard, the Emirates Foundation for School Education appreciates the keenness of parents and their firm desire for the success of their children, but that this is done in accordance with the criteria used in evaluating students, and in line with the assessment and examination policy to support students in their next educational stages, pointing out that the final result for the student passes through A series of reviews before it is approved.


Education performance complaining students weak

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