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When Al-Badri started from scratch to fulfill his mother’s wish


Monday 6 September 2021

11:10 PM

A dream lived by the young Aswan star of moving to the ranks of Al-Ahly quickly faded away quickly, with the Red Club dispensing with him for free because he exceeded the age of youth to start again Mustafa Al-Badri from scratch until he proved himself and returned again with popularity and the conviction of a good number of his abilities and capabilities, so that the Century Club announced its restoration of its former youth.

Al-Badri, who was nicknamed “Hawi” Aswan, his hometown, which witnessed his football birth from the “Kima” club to the Governorate Club, was on a date with an important shift in his football career by moving to Al-Ahly in the summer of 2018, but the journey did not take long, as it ended after only a year.

Al-Badri Laila Koura said about his move to Al-Ahly, “Al-Ahly made an official offer to join me in the summer of 2018 after a follow-up from Adel Abdel-Rahman, Al-Ahly’s youth coach at this time, and Alaa Mihoub, head of the technical committee, and indeed I moved to the Red Club for 3 million pounds for five seasons.”

Al-Ahly had decided during this period to turn to young deals and support the future, and included a group of young people headed by Ammar Hamdi, Mustafa Al-Badri, Mohamed Fakhri and Youssef Jabali, and was satisfied with contracting over the age with the second Ahmed Alaa from the Interior and Malian Salif Coulibaly in a free transfer deal.

Al-Badri added, “I only spent a season with the youth team, born in 1997, as I was born in the same year, and the Football Association decided to cancel the competition in 2019 to leave with a group of my colleagues, headed by Ahmed Yasser Rayan and Nasser Maher, but they went out on loan, but I was fired.”

Al-Badri did not leave alone, but the cancellation of the 97 competition caused a similar massacre in the junior sector in Al-Ahly, where: “guard Ahmed Al-Ghandour and defender Mustafa Al-Farmawi for Wadi Degla Club, the duo Utaka and Ahmed Hatem to FC Egypt, Mustafa Sobhi to the border guards, and Youssef Alaa Smouha, Ahmed Khaled, “Carlos” and Youssef El-Jabali, loaned from Al-Shams Club, after the loan period was satisfied, according to Mustafa Al-Badri.

And the player continued, through his statements by Laila Koura, “I had difficulty moving to another club after leaving Al-Ahly until the offer of the Military Production, which I signed for 4 seasons, and then I went out on loan to Aswan to help him stay in the Premier League before I return to my team again this season and get my chance. “

Al-Badri played this season with Al-Entah Al-Harby 28 games, 27 in the league, with a total of 1.944 minutes and a match in the cup, in which he scored 11 goals and made two goals, and played in 6 positions with the military team on the right and left wings, playing the right and left midfield and the attacking midfield.

Al-Badri’s brilliance opened the conversation about his return to Al-Ahly again, especially in light of the suffering of the Red Club in the Al-Jinah Center, to which Al-Badri replied, “My family is all Ahly people, and my mother still wishes for me to return to Al-Ahly one day.”

Al-Ahly entered the line of negotiations with the player to bring the latter closer to his dream and prefer him over many offers, but rather to waive his dues to the Military Club to fulfill his mother’s wish and dream so that the deal could be officially completed.

Al-Ahly had previously regained a group of its youth, who left them after they passed the junior age, led by Moamen Zakaria, who bought it again, Ayman Ashraf, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, and the last of them was Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham”.

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