Israel: In Denmark, there are fears of Eran Zehavi

Israel: In Denmark, there are fears of Eran Zehavi
Israel: In Denmark, there are fears of Eran Zehavi

Denmark has a perfect balance in the World Cup qualifiers and is expected to finish at the top of the table even if it stumbles in a game or two until the end of the campaign, but it is upset on the eve of the game in Copenhagen against Israel (21:45). Despite a comfortable victory at Bloomfield Stadium last March, the alertness for the meeting is definitely felt, especially when it comes to dealing with Eran Zehavi.

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“Eran Zehavi is the player who can hurt the Danish team,” it was written this morning (Tuesday) on “TV2”, “he is the man that Israel trusts. In the qualifiers, he put up numbers like Robert Lewandowski’s. “

As is well known, Zahavi, like the Polish Lewandowski, has six goals in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the only one standing above them is the Serb Alexander Mitrovic who scored seven. Therefore, also the Danish coach Caspar Yulmand He did not hide his preparations for the meeting with Zehavi, whom he called: “One of the hottest pioneers in Europe right now. He is in dizzying shape.”

Yulmand also said of the Israeli star, who can today overtake Motlha Spiegler and become the king of goals for the Israeli national team at all times: “He is a very mobile player, a striker who can attack the goal from different areas and has special kicks from stationary positions. “He appears. He has a lot of qualities, he is a complete attacking player.”

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