World Cup Qualifiers: Lebanon faces South Korea with high spirits, confidence, eagerness and focus

World Cup Qualifiers: Lebanon faces South Korea with high spirits, confidence, eagerness and focus
World Cup Qualifiers: Lebanon faces South Korea with high spirits, confidence, eagerness and focus

At 2:00 pm today (Tuesday), Seoul Stadium will host the match between Lebanon and South Korea in the second round of Group A of the decisive qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Despite its opening tie against the Emirates in Dubai, the Lebanese team’s task will not be easy, especially since the Korean team fell into the trap of a draw with the brotherly Iraq team, which angered its fans, and put it under clear pressure that was reflected in the statements of its coach and players.
It is expected that the Czech Ivan Hashek will play the match with a similar formation to the one he played in the first match, and strive to absorb the expected Korean boom, through calm, focus, narrow spaces, organized defense, and respond through counter-attacks, as the time progresses, the “host” becomes under pressure. .
After the successive absences that hit the team, whether with infection or with the Corona virus, Fouad Belhawan, the team manager, spoke to Al-Jadeed channel, and said that there are no new injuries or absences, and that the available items will be at the coach’s disposal in the match, especially after the results of the (PCR) tests came. ) daily negative.
“We are here to achieve a positive result, so we will not only play defensively, because if we do that, there will be no chance for us to achieve the desired result,” Hasek said in pre-match statements.
Hasek responded to a question about stopping the strikers Heung Min Song and Cho Gi Sun, and said, “In the Korean national team, all the players are good, and they play in strong leagues, and although our plan is secret, I say that we will not only play defensively.” He also commented on the absence of Basil Jaradi, “We do not lack One player, many players, but the substitutes are ready.”
On the other hand, Huang Ui Joo, Bordeaux striker, said, “The most important thing is that we do not concede a goal at the beginning, and we will try to pressure to get out of the match with a goal or two if we have the opportunity,” while coach Paulo Bento praised the Lebanon team and the change in its playing style with the new coach. , anticipating a Lebanese defensive match and pressure from the attackers.
The Asian Football Confederation appointed Japanese referee Ryuji Sato to lead the match, after he led the confrontation between Iran and Syria in the last round.
It is known that this referee has a long history with the Koreans, as he led the match that ended in a draw (1-1) with Iran (2019) and the meeting that ended with the victory of “Samson” over Bahrain in the Asian Cup in the overtime, and their loss to Iran 1-0 in the match. 2016, and other meetings.

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