The occupation continues to search for the six prisoners… and exciting details

The occupation continues to search for the six prisoners… and exciting details
The occupation continues to search for the six prisoners… and exciting details

All the security and military services of the Israeli occupation are continuing a complex search for Palestinian prisoners who managed to escape from the most fortified Israeli prisons.

And the occupation revealed, at dawn on Monday, that six Palestinian prisoners, most of whom have high sentences, managed to escape from the Gilboa prison, which is described by Israel as “high security”.

The official Israeli broadcaster, Kan, confirmed that the search for the six prisoners is continuing, explaining that the Israeli forces have set up more than 260 checkpoints in different areas of the occupied Palestinian territories.

She stated that the estimates of the occupation police and the administration of the Prisons Authority, “different in determining the hour in which a warning was received about the escape of the six prisoners from Gilboa prison.”

Warning time

The deputy commander of the Beit Shean police station said that at 2:15 a.m., yesterday, Monday, he informed the prison of noticing “suspicious spectra near the detainee,” while a senior source in the Prisons Authority claimed that he had received

Kan warned that “the search for the prisoners continues, and about 15 hours after their escape, the forces set up more than 260 checkpoints across the country,” explaining that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a security consultation session against the backdrop of the six prisoners’ escape, which was attended by: The Minister of Internal Security, the chief of staff, the head of the Shin Bet, the chief of police, the commissioner of the prison authority, and other officials.

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The head of the Police Operations Department, Brigadier Shimon Nahmani, suggested that the prisoners would use cars after escaping from the prison through a tunnel they dug.

Kan revealed that the Israeli police are investigating suspicions of the involvement of jailers in the escape of the six security prisoners from Gilboa prison, noting that the police interrogation unit is also participating in the ongoing investigations.

For its part, the Hebrew channel “13” confirmed that “large forces of the Israeli army, police and border guards, deployed throughout the country, carried out investigations and searches and participated in a hunt for the fugitive prisoners, while maintaining high security readiness for any operation that could potentially lead to terrorist attacks.” carried out by these prisoners.

According to what was reported by the Israeli “i24” website, “Initial investigations indicate that the prison guard who guarded the guard tower fell asleep during her shift.”

sexy details

On the other hand, the siteand noAl-Abri, about exciting details about the escape process, explained that the tunnel was dug over a period of about a year, and its length is between 20 and 25 meters, and a limited number of prisoners learned about it.

He stated that the prisoners, after they managed to get out of the prison through the tunnel, “walked three miles until they climbed into a car waiting for them, and it smuggled them from the scene of the accident,” noting that the prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi (the commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Jenin previously), asked an intelligence officer Prison Move one night to cell No. 5 in ward 2 from which they escaped.

The site stated, “More than a thousand police officers are now engaged in the pursuit of the six prisoners, with the help of border guards, security forces and other units,” noting that the Israeli forces are preparing for the possibility of the fugitive prisoners carrying out an “attack, or a kidnapping to bargain and release other prisoners.” All special police units are on alert.

Among the estimates, the site stated that it is believed that two of the prisoners arrived in Jordan, and the rest are still in the country, including two who hid in the “Majdal Shams” area.

Israeli Public Security Minister Amir Bar-Lev stressed that “this is a difficult and dangerous event, and it should not happen in Israel,” explaining that “all efforts are focused on the need to arrest the prisoners.”

The Palestinian Prisoners Club published information about the prisoners, and explained that the prisoner Mahmoud Abdullah Arida (46 years), from “Arrabeh / Jenin”, has been detained since 1996 and has been sentenced for life, and the prisoner Muhammad Qasim Arida (39 years), from “Arraba” has been detained since 2002. And the prisoner Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri (49 years), from “Bir Al-Basha”, has been detained since 2003, and he is also sentenced to life.

He stated that the prisoner Ayham Nayef Kammaji (35 years), from “Kafr Dan”, has been detained since 2006 and has been sentenced to life, and the prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi (46 years), from Jenin camp, has been detained since 2019 and is still detained, and the prisoner Munadil Yaqoub Infaat (26 years), who is worshiped Detained since 2019.

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