Beware of too much pineapple

Beware of too much pineapple
Beware of too much pineapple

Eating a lot of pineapple causes harmful side effects that you wouldn’t notice with other fruits.

And the “healthdigest” website stated that the cause of the tongue eruption after eating a lot of pineapple is due to an enzyme called bromelain, which contains properties that will irritate your mouth, tongue and stomach.

She added: “It may also interact with some medications including antibiotics, anticoagulants, blood thinners, barbiturates and others. If you experience any adverse reactions after eating pineapple and do not subside within a few hours, seek an ambulance to avoid serious complications.”

Pineapple is good for you in small quantities
Pineapple contains many vitamins and minerals. But even these nutrients should be consumed in moderation.

However, pineapple is a great addition to your diet if you eat it in moderation. In addition to being rich in vitamin C, this fruit is a good source of thiamine, vitamin B6, folic acid, manganese, and potassium.

These vitamins and minerals can help reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Because pineapple is rich in fiber and water, eating it can aid in digestion. Bromelain can also aid in digestion by helping the body break down food more easily.

Cases of pineapple toxicity
Unripe pineapple is toxic to humans, so it is important to choose a ripe fruit to enjoy raw. Choose a fruit with green, ripe leaves, which indicates that it is healthy. An unripe pineapple will feel rock-hard if you press on it, so choose one that will give a little more elastic when you squeeze it. A ripe pineapple will smell as well, especially near the bottom of the fruit.

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