3 Saudi symbols are victorious | sports newspaper

3 Saudi symbols are victorious | sports newspaper
3 Saudi symbols are victorious | sports newspaper

Saudi camels swept the symbols of the stem, and strengthened its control over the symbols of the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its third edition, after adding to its treasury three symbols designated for the category of the stem, bringing the number of symbols runs achieved by Saudi camels to 7 out of 12 runs dedicated to symbols, conducted until yesterday Fifth day of the final stage of the festival.
The Saudi camels “Nawaf, Mkhaifa and Masfout” won three of the four symbols runs, while the reel “Borooq” owned by the Qatari logo, the Shahaniya camel, was crowned with the fourth symbol.
The first half of the symbols’ runs witnessed a Gulf competition between Saudi, Emirati and Qatari camels, and they alternated at the front of the game, but the Al-Shahaniya camels settled the result of the game in their favor through the “Brouq” reel.
In the second game of symbols, Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd’s motto dominated the half from the beginning to the end of the game, and he won the stardom of the game by achieving three places for the first places in the game, and the victory was scored in the name of Al-Qaoud “Nawaf”.
The “frightening” reel, owned by Amer bin Rashid Al-Marri, took the lead in the third symbols run, and was able to settle the result of the game in its favour, by a difference of several meters from the camels participating in the round, while the seated “Mafout” of Abdulaziz bin Hamad Al-Marri was crowned in the fourth round of the symbols’ runs.
Yesterday’s competitions witnessed 34 runs for the “Bakkar and Qadan” category, in two periods, “morning of 20 runs” and “evening of 14 runs”, with a distance of 5 kilometers for each run.


Saudi symbols victorious sports newspaper

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