UAE celebrates World Clean Air Day

UAE celebrates World Clean Air Day
UAE celebrates World Clean Air Day

Today, the UAE participates with the countries of the world in the celebration of the International Day of Clean Air for a Blue Sky, which falls on the seventh of September annually.

Air quality in the UAE is one of the main and fundamental issues, as the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment works with its partners in the governmental and private sectors to develop national efforts through various means and methods, focused in their entirety on reducing pollution sources by employing the latest systems and technologies and applying best practices.

Including setting and developing national air pollution standards and monitoring compliance with them, shifting towards a green economy, increasing the use of clean energies in various fields, sustainability of the transport sector, developing an air quality monitoring network and relying on smart technologies and solutions in monitoring types of pollutants. The UAE attaches great importance to environmental work, especially with regard to local air quality and preservation by making efforts to reduce the percentage of pollutant concentrations of suspended particles in it, which fall under the list of initiatives and projects that it has adopted and is working to implement and implement during the next stage.

In coordination with the relevant local authorities, the Emirates Air Quality Network was launched with 7 government agencies, which aims to improve air quality to reduce emissions from various fixed sources, which include factories, power plants and mobiles that include transportation. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is also preparing Air quality studies and surveys, in cooperation and guidance with local and international organizations and institutions, such as the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi, the World Health Organization and other experts.


According to the annual study conducted by the American Nawa Observatory, the UAE did not exceed 2.5 microns in the Middle East, compared to the minimum allowed particulate matter globally, which is equivalent to 3.3 microns, and the death rate is considered very low due to air pollutants, according to the regional strategy. For health and environment prepared by the World Health Organization, which confirms the great efforts made by the state to improve the quality of ambient air as one of the important components related to the quality of life emphasized by the National Agenda for the UAE Vision 2021.

Which aims to secure a high quality of life in a sustainable environment, as the UAE pays great attention to improving air quality by achieving an air quality index of 90% by the end of this year. The state has worked on the material and human capabilities in the field of monitoring and control through a wide network of stations spread throughout the country, as the number of air quality monitoring stations at the present time is 54 stations, in addition to a group of dust measuring stations at the sites of the activities of crushers, quarries and cement factories. The state has also taken care of developing the necessary legislative frameworks to reduce pollutant emissions with the aim of improving air quality to ensure a high quality of life in a sustainable environment.

national strategy

In addition, the state, represented by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, worked to formulate a national strategy for air quality beyond the year 2021, aimed at defining the course of action in the next phase and drawing a road map to lead and coordinate the efforts of federal and local authorities and the private sector to monitor and manage air quality effectively, and mitigate pollution. In order to protect human health and ecosystems, the strategy includes four axes: outdoor air quality, indoor air quality, ambient noise, and odors. These axes are based on three pillars of monitoring, management and mitigation.

national platform

Last year, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment launched the first national air quality platform. The launch coincided with the World Air Purity Day under the slogan “Clean Air for All.” Ease of access to air quality information for all individuals, in addition to benefiting from this information in various sectors such as the health sector and the academic sector. The platform consists of an air quality index, an explanation of color semantics, and a dust prediction model.

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