“Scott hates Courtney’s boyfriend”

“Scott hates Courtney’s boyfriend”
“Scott hates Courtney’s boyfriend”

It’s no secret that Scott Disick will forever love the mother of his children, Courtney Kardashian, but after messing with the giant Courtney moved on – and now he regrets it. According to insiders, Scott has reached a point where he “hates” Courtney’s new partner, and can no longer see them

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| Posted 07/09/21 07:02

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Courtney Kardashian is at her peak, with a new relationship she is embracing, pictures in love from all over the world and quite a few exciting posts. While Kurt is celebrating life, the mythical ex and father of her children, Scott Disick, is actually on the verge of an explosion, and after his embarrassing messages have been revealed – now it’s revealed how he really feels.

As you may recall, last week we told you that in the shadow of the wonderfully in love pictures of Courtney and her boyfriend from a holiday in Italy, Scott was unable to cope with the fire he felt – and went out to blacken Courtney with another of her exes. Scott sent a courtesy of Courtney, Younes, a picture of herself and Travis cuddling on a boat, and wrote: “Hugh this girl okay? Dude, like, what’s this? In the middle of Italy. “Younes in response published the correspondence, writing to Scott:” It does not matter to me as long as she is happy. PS, I’m not your brother. “

“Scott was embarrassed that Younes published the correspondence,” an acquaintance of the star told Cosmopolitan. “He did not suppose that was what would happen when he wrote to him. He wrote to him when he was in a moment of hatred, and he was sure that Younes would react in the same way because they both went out with Courtney. Scott can no longer see pictures of Courtney and Travis anywhere. He hates Travis, “But what really bothers him is the impact of Courtney and Travis’ relationship on his and Courtney’s relationship.”

According to other insiders, Courtney was not at all thrilled by Scott’s blacking messages, but she certainly plans to confront him. “Courtney is disappointed that he got into this drama when they were getting along so well in co-parenting. She does not understand why he turned to Jonas with this matter,” they said. “Kurt plans to confront Scott about it, but right now she’s continuing to have fun with Travis.”

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Scott hates Courtneys boyfriend

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