Syria is flexible with Lebanon, but it will require two things

The Lebanese political arena is witnessing a debate and controversy over the recent ministerial visit to Syria and the vital files that were discussed with Syrian officials, most notably the issue of bringing gas and electricity to Lebanon through Syrian territory.

In this context, a source familiar with the “Syrian Air Force” stated that Damascus, which showed flexibility during the talks in dealing with this file, did not hide its insistence on benefiting from what is presented as well, and that it will ask at a later stage to obtain 300 megawatts of electricity out of the thousand megawatts that will be drawn from Jordan to Lebanon in order to benefit from it to feed areas in the countryside of Damascus.

He added, “As for gas, the Syrian side is seeking to obtain a weighty share of the quantity coming to Lebanon from Egypt and Jordan via the Arab line, and it may reach a third of the quantity.”

Source: Lebanon 24


Syria flexible Lebanon require

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