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Cinnamon is one of the natural herbs in the market, which many people use as a hot drink for its delicious taste, except for the many benefits that make it the first drink, especially for diabetics. Nutritionist, Basma Al-Hendawy, explains the importance and nutritional value of cinnamon for diabetics, as well as its harmful effects in case of excessive consumption.

  • Basma Alhendawy

Lowers blood sugar
Cinnamon is one of the most widely used natural medicinal herbs, due to its great benefits, especially in the treatment of diabetes patients, where diabetes is due to many reasons, the most important of which lies in the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin in sufficient quantity, or that the pancreas secretes insulin but the body is unable to Energy is obtained from carbohydrates and food intake. It is known that the body’s energy source is glucose, and it is preferable that the blood sugar level be less than 140 milliliters to prevent complications of diabetes, such as heart disease and obesity. In addition to insulin and the appropriate medications for each case, as prescribed by the doctor, the diabetic patient needs to drink some drinks such as cinnamon, which help him to increase insulin secretion and improve the functioning of the pancreas.

Benefits of eating cinnamon for type 2 diabetes patients
Cinnamon helps cells make use of insulin, as it lowers the blood sugar level, because it contains a high percentage of powerful antioxidants, such as: polyphenols and coumarins, which work to fight inflammation and reduce insulin resistance. Its tremendous ability lies in the fact that it has an effect similar to the action of insulin, as it helps the body convert glucose into energy, store it in the liver and muscles, and then help reduce the level of cumulative sugar, and also contribute to the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers if used in the form of oil for painting. It works to fight fungi and bacteria.

The permissible amount per day and the correct way to eat it
It is preferable to eat a teaspoon at a rate of 4 to 5 grams throughout the day, and this amount is sufficient to regulate the level of blood sugar, and it is preferable to take it immediately after meals, because it protects against the sudden rise in sugar associated with eating the meal, especially if it is fatty, or contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, In addition, eating one cup of cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar for up to 10 hours.

Nutritional value of a teaspoon of cinnamon
Provides the body with 11 calories, 22 mg of potassium, 0.16 of vitamin K, 53 mg of calcium, 0.20 mg of protein, 2.8 g of fiber, and 0.44 mg of iron.

Disadvantages of eating large amounts of cinnamon daily
Be careful not to eat a large amount of cinnamon daily, because it contains a high percentage of vitamin K and coumarin, which cause blood flow and bleeding, so pregnant women should beware of taking it because it stimulates the contraction of the uterine muscles, and it is not preferable to take it with insulin drugs at the same time. time, because it causes a sharp drop in blood sugar, so it is preferable to take it before or after taking medications for a period of not less than two hours.

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