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Many women give birth to their babies by caesarean section, some of them choose this operation, and some of them have to undergo it, despite their desire to give birth naturally. Regardless of the reason for undergoing a cesarean delivery, this process, although it is considered easy, remains a surgery that causes great pain, and needs complete rest afterwards.. Here are some practices that will preserve the health of the woman and speed up the healing process.

the juice
The mother who gave birth to her baby by caesarean section should drink pear juice daily, as this type of juice helps the body’s systems to function smoothly.

It is necessary for the mother to stay away from eating foods rich in carbohydrates during the first week after birth, as they cause abdominal pain and upset stomach.

It is important that the mother does not climb stairs after the caesarean section, and she should get as much rest as possible and lie down to speed up the healing process.

To relieve the pain of a caesarean section, the mother can support her stomach on a pillow while sitting, and she can also put a pillow between her legs during sleep, which reduces pain and helps her rest and relax.

the wound
Whatever the mother is in pain, she must monitor the operation wound, and keep it clean, sterile and dry, to avoid any infection.
And certainly the step that should not be overlooked, is to follow the doctor’s instructions and adhere to the medications he prescribed, in addition to visiting him on the specified date after the operation to make sure that everything is fine.

Now that we have talked about the health aspect of the mother, it is time to talk about the cosmetic aspect, which is very important for every woman who undergoes a cesarean delivery, and she has exhausted all methods to get rid of the scar left by the operation wound.
Therefore, here are natural methods that target the effects of the caesarean section wound, which can be applied after the completion of the restoration creams prescribed by the doctor and the wound healing:
Lavender oil: massage the area with it daily, as this oil speeds up the wound healing process.
Honey: Massage the area with it daily, as honey moisturizes the skin and speeds up the healing process.
– Continue to take the vitamins that you were taking during pregnancy, the most important of which is vitamin E, because it is a wonderful restorer for the skin.
After a period of time has passed and you are sure that the wound is completely healed, start rubbing the area with pieces of lemon, to restore your natural skin color, and get rid of dark spots.

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