The clause from which Barça fears the loan of Griezmann

The clause from which Barça fears the loan of Griezmann
The clause from which Barça fears the loan of Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann returned to Atletico Madrid on the last day of the transfer window, a deal that was officially announced in fact after its closure, but eventually came to fruition. The Spanish media reported that the cost of the loan is 10 million euros, but according to reports from the reporter Ruben Uriah from Goal, after talking to officials from both clubs, additional details and others come up. These are the factors that led to the return of the star to the Spanish champions.

Drastic wage cuts

In order to meet Atletico Madrid’s financial parameters and not exceed the club’s salary cap, Griezmann agreed to lower the salary he received at Barcelona in a really significant way. When Barça informed him that he could leave, the Frenchman made no problems but asked in return not to choose a team for him because he only wanted Atletico. To make this possible, the star gave up 40% of the salary he received on a contract at Barça. Great effort for him. It should be remembered that if he had continued the season in Catalonia, the player would have received 26 million euros gross, not including bonuses in variables.

Terms of transfer

Atletico and Barcelona have agreed on the loan until June 30, 2022, with an option that can be extended for another season, as long as the two clubs agree. The Rojiblancos took on the Frenchman’s salary, whose salary was reduced by 40%, but contrary to what was reported in some media, they did not pay Barça € 10 million in loan fees for him. That is, Barça do not receive money for the transfer, neither in the first year nor in the second.

When will payment come to Barcelona? Not sure he’s coming

Atletico Madrid must pay Barcelona only when the second season on loan begins, if the team chooses to extend the loan period. At the same time, this is conditional on Griezmann playing 50% of the club’s official games. That is, the purchase is not mandatory for the Colchoneros (Joan Laporta also confirmed this). If the star plays less than 50% of the games in 2022/23, Atletico pays nothing and the player returns to Barcelona after two years without the team seeing money for him, but if Griezmann plays more than 50 percent of the games, Atletico must buy him and pay Barça about 40 Million euros and variables.

The sacrifice of Barcelona

After losses of over 400 million euros in the last year, Barça managed to get one of the biggest salary earners out of the team, in what will surely make it easier for the club financially, what is more there is another possibility to get 40 million euros in two seasons. The deal is not particularly good for Barça, but slightly reduces the economic losses caused by his signing of 120 million euros in 2019.

A good solution for 3 parties

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Antoine Griezmann closed the negotiations against the clock, thinking they had taken a solution that would benefit all three sides. Griezmann wanted to wear red and white again and he sacrificed a lot out of his own pocket to achieve this, Barcelona had to get rid of its star to get more breathable air in salaries and Atletico waited until the last minute to complete an inconceivable signing in really great conditions for them.

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