Traffic congestion and the lie .. Details of the Brazil and Argentina incident

Traffic congestion and the lie .. Details of the Brazil and Argentina incident
Traffic congestion and the lie .. Details of the Brazil and Argentina incident

The Brazilian authorities had forcibly suspended the match between Brazil and Argentina in Sao Paulo, within the World Cup qualifiers, minutes after its start, due to the participation of Argentine players coming from a “red country”, Britain.

“Incredible” footage spread of the health authorities storming the match floor, interfering to stop the match, and entering into a quarrel with the Argentine players, before the match stopped amid the players’ astonishment.

what happened?

On Monday, the media came out with details of what actually happened, and what led the authorities to intervene after the start of the match.

the lie

The beginning was from a lie, which came by 4 Argentine players, and on the recommendation of the country’s federation, regarding their coming from England, the country from which Brazil prohibits arrivals from going out to the public before the quarantine for a full 10 days.

The four players are Aston Villa players Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia, and Tottenham Hotspur players Christian Romero and Giovanni Lo Celso.

These four entered Brazil from a previous match in Venezuela, and did not announce that they were in England days before Venezuela, although it is known to everyone that they are Premier League players.

consent to play

The Argentine Federation then resorted to the Brazilian Confederation and the South American Football Confederation, “Conmebol”, to help it obtain an “exception” for the four players to play, without the need to stone.

The Brazilian Federation, CONMEBOL and the Brazilian government agreed to grant the exception to the four players to participate without a stone, but the Brazilian Health Authority rejected this exception and did not recognize it.

lie detector

The Brazilian Health Authority immediately became aware of the breach by the Argentine players, and they learned that the Argentine team would use the exception to play, so that health officials began to move, but the move came on the day of the match, September 5.

The health authority, accompanied by elements of the Brazilian police, went to the headquarters of the Argentine national team in Sao Paulo, with the aim of deporting the four players from the country.

But when the authorities arrived at the hotel, the Argentine delegation had already gone to the stadium for the match, which was held, unusually, at an early date in the afternoon.

traffic jam

The next step was to catch the Argentine national team on the field, and deport the four players, but the suffocating crowds of Sao Paulo prevented that.

The road from the hotel to the stadium was very crowded, due to rush hour, which delayed the health officials.

As soon as they arrived at the stadium, the officials entered, and the match had started, but they did not hesitate to storm the stadium and try to deport the players.

3 out of 4 players coming from Britain, were key in the match, which means that the match had to be stopped and a subsequent decision was issued.

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