Al Markaziya- Mikati is apprehensive about the Saudi reaction!?

Al Markaziya- Mikati is apprehensive about the Saudi reaction!?
Al Markaziya- Mikati is apprehensive about the Saudi reaction!?

Sources concerned with authorship tell Al-Akhbar that “there is no objection or justification to disrupting the agreement between the presidents of the republic and the government,” and they refer to an external environment that pushes for the formation of a government; The most recent of these is the contact between the two presidents: French Emmanuel Macron and Iranian Ibrahim Raisi, who supported this path. Macron stressed “the necessity of France and Iran, along with Hezbollah, cooperating in order to form a strong Lebanese government.”

Perhaps, here lies the biggest obstacle. According to these sources, the French-Iranian communication on Lebanon and Macron’s mentioning of Hezbollah as an essential component of the composition may have made Mikati suspicious of the Gulf reaction, or rather Saudi Arabia. This prompted the president-designate to recalculate in terms of re-experiencing the 2011 government, despite all the rapid political changes in the previous two weeks that Mikati was supposed to capture to realize the extent of the difference between the two phases. The delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zina Aker, to Damascus, obtained the prior approval of the American ambassador, as well as the visit of the Minister of Energy Raymond Ghajar today to Amman to participate in a meeting with the ministers of Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding regarding the transfer of Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria, as well as for signing a Jordanian-Syrian-Lebanese memorandum to draw electricity from Jordan to Lebanon. The British newspaper “The Times” had pointed out in an article that “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the United States announced their readiness to work together on a plan to help Lebanon obtain electricity, evidence of a change in policies towards the Middle East led by US President Joe Biden.” Sufficient developments to indicate a change, albeit formally, in the performance of some international actors towards Lebanon and the political forces concerned with authorship, amid information that an American contact with Mikati informed him of the need to expedite the birth of the government.

For their part, the sources of the designated president deny that he is waiting for a Saudi green light or a blessing from the club of former prime ministers. Rather, they consider that there is no basic contract except that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil, raises the ceiling of demands in order to push the Americans and the French to negotiate with him. While the sources indicate that the official in the US State Department, who called Mikati to urge him to speed up the formation of the government, also contacted the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, for the same purpose. As for Baabda’s sources, they denied having contact with Aoun!

Among the conflicting information, follow-up circles believe that the chances of forming the government are equal to the lack of it, and that the deadlines set today were previously set a week ago and a week before, but none of them led to a decisive result, negative or positive.


Markaziya Mikati apprehensive Saudi reaction

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