Great security alert in “Israel” and expectations of the arrival of the fleeing prisoners to Jordan and the Golan

Great security alert in “Israel” and expectations of the arrival of the fleeing prisoners to Jordan and the Golan
Great security alert in “Israel” and expectations of the arrival of the fleeing prisoners to Jordan and the Golan

Great security alert in “Israel” and expectations of the arrival of the fleeing prisoners to Jordan and the Golan

Nazareth (Palestine) – Quds Press Service
Tuesday 07 September 2021 – 05:55 am

Large forces from the occupation army and various Israeli security forces continue to search for the six Palestinian prisoners, who succeeded at dawn on Monday, escaping from the Israeli Gilboa prison, which is considered the most fortified Israeli prison.

And the Hebrew news website Walla stated that large forces from the border guards, the Israeli army and the Israeli prison security units were transferred during the past hours to the Bisan area (north of occupied Palestine in 48), where the prison is located, in addition to the deployment of more than 260 checkpoints in all over the country.

He added, “According to the data of the preliminary investigations, the Israeli jailer who guarded the guard tower above the tunnel well from which the prisoners escaped fell asleep during her shift.”

The investigations indicated that digging the tunnel used by the six prisoners in the successful escape from prison took about a year, and its length ranges from 20 to 25 meters, and that the excavation was carried out by a limited number of prisoners.

According to the investigation, the prisoner, Zakaria Zubeidi, one of the escaped prisoners, asked the prison intelligence officer, one day before the escape operation, to move to cell No. 5 in Section 2 in Gilboa Prison for one night, and his request was met with the approval of the warders.

In the meantime, the picture of the escape began to become clear, and the trackers believed that the fleeing prisoners walked a distance of three miles until they climbed into a car that was waiting for them outside the prison, where the Israeli security services found footprints, which led them to the conclusion that the fugitive prisoners They changed their clothes before getting into the car, and at least one of them changed their shoes.

In addition, it is estimated that two of the escaped prisoners have moved to Jordan, and another four in the country (in the occupied interior). Among the four, two are apparently hiding in the town of “Majdal Shams” in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

The occupation police said that they have reinforced security systems in places where large numbers of Israelis congregate, including shopping centers and synagogues.

According to the website, the process of escaping the prisoners from the prison began at exactly one o’clock 49 minutes (local time), at dawn on Monday, when the police received a call from an Israeli settler who was traveling on Road “71” linking “Bisan” and “Afula”, and said that he witnessed Suspects holding something in their hands.

At 1:58 am, a police patrol arrived at the scene and interrogated a witness who said he saw a suspect. At 2:14 am, the deputy commander of the Bisan station informed the Gilboa prison administration about the reports received by the police about the sighting of suspects in the vicinity of the prison.

About two hours after the first call received by the police, at 3:29 am, the prison administration reported “three missing prisoners”. At four o’clock, “it was found that three other prisoners were missing.”

He added that the Israeli police are analyzing surveillance cameras in the surrounding roads in order to track down people who are believed to have helped the fleeing prisoners.

A senior Israeli security source said this morning to the site: “This was a series of very serious failures, and it was not possible in the prison cell where it was forbidden to keep a small spoon.”

He added, “How did they dug under the guards’ noses, and where did they go with the sand of the excavations, and how did they make cellular calls from prison?”

He believed that digging a tunnel with such length and quality is a long process that requires a great deal of organization.

Six prisoners from Jenin Governorate, in the northern West Bank, managed, at dawn on Monday, to escape from Gilboa prison through a tunnel they dug.

According to what was announced by the Palestinian Prisoner Club; The escaped prisoners are: Zakaria Al-Zubaidi (45 years), Munadel Yaqoub Abdul-Jabbar Nafeat (32 years), Yaqoub Mahmoud Ahmed Qadri (39 years), Ayham Fouad Nayef Kammaji (35 years), Mahmoud Abdullah Ali Ardah (46 years), and Muhammad Qasim Ahmed Ardah (39 years). ).

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