“NASA” confirms the “good news” .. a step to discover life on Mars

“NASA” confirms the “good news” .. a step to discover life on Mars
“NASA” confirms the “good news” .. a step to discover life on Mars

The US space agency, “NASA,” confirmed on Tuesday that its rover “Perseverance” has succeeded in extracting the first rock sample from the planet Mars.

The agency published a picture of the sample on Twitter, accompanied by a comment, “We got it,” according to “AFP”.

Last week, NASA suggested that its robot had extracted this sample, but the images taken were not clear enough due to poor lighting and did not allow it to confirm the matter conclusively.

“Thanks to better illumination of the bottom of the collecting tube, you can see that the rock sample is,” the agency tweeted.

The sample was taken from a rock the size of a document purse bearing the name “Rochet”.

Last August, the rover robot “Perseverance” failed in its attempt to take a piece of rock from Mars, the first of about 30 samples scheduled to be returned to Earth within years for analysis.

This step aims to search for signs of ancient life, such as traces of microbial life fossilized in rocks, and also to better understand the geology of Mars, given that the mission was launched from Florida a year ago.

Perseverance, the size of a large SUV, landed on February 18 at Jezero crater, which scientists believe contained a deep lake 3.5 billion years ago.

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NASA confirms good news step discover life Mars

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