Israel transfers 400 prisoners to other prisons for fear of additional tunnels

Israel transfers 400 prisoners to other prisons for fear of additional tunnels
Israel transfers 400 prisoners to other prisons for fear of additional tunnels

Shafaqna – Commenting on the latest developments and the release of 6 Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli Gilboa prison, on Monday, Israeli media reported that “the prisoners remained for a long time near the exit hatch without anyone seeing them.”

And the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, confirmed that 6 Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from the Gilboa prison near the occupied city of Beisan, at dawn on Monday, and this prison is considered one of the “most fortified Israeli prisons,” according to the newspaper.

The Israeli media said that “the guard who was in the guard tower slept while the Palestinian prisoners escaped.” He pointed out that there are orders to ban “publishing information about the escape of the six prisoners from Gilboa prison.”

As for “Channel 13” correspondent Ali al-Mughrabi, he said in his coverage of the liberation process from Gilboa prison, that not only did the six prisoners escape from Gilboa prison, but also took their belongings and bags with them, while the guard in the guard tower was asleep.

He added: “It is a serious security failure again in Gilboa Prison (after the first attempt in 2014), after it was found that the warden slept in the guard tower and under it was the escape hatch, and she did not pay attention to the prisoners who escaped from the prison,” noting that “this is what It emerged from the conversation that a taxi driver had with Police Station 100, who reported seeing three people crossing the road with bags and suspicious of them.”

In a related context, the former head of the Operations Division and Major General in the Israeli Occupation Reserve, Israel Ziv, told “Channel 12” that “the escape operation has been planned for a long time,” explaining that “one morning cannot remove a specific slab, see a hole and jump.” There is something that he has planned well.”

Ziv confirmed that “the absence of any trace of the prisoners indicates that someone was waiting for them outside,” expressing that he wanted to be “optimistic about their arrest.”

Ziv also pointed out that “the final destination of the Islamic Jihad prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison could be Damascus.”

He continued: “I do not think that their final destination is Jordan, but I appreciate that the main destination of Islamic Jihad is Damascus, where their offices are located. But the possibility of getting there via Jordan seems possible.”

In turn, Carmela Menashe, the military commentator for the Kan channel, said of the liberation process from Gilboa prison, that it is a “terrible, massive failure of the prison and of the Prisons Directorate at all levels, and there is no other word.”

And Israeli media said that the occupation transferred about 400 prisoners from Gilboa Prison to other prisons for fear of additional tunnels, adding that “hundreds of members of the Special Police Unit were summoned to Gilboa Prison in order to investigate the incident of the escape of 6 prisoners.”

According to the Israeli media, the area around the prison was combed to find the prisoners. The Israeli occupation also closed several checkpoints, and tightened its measures on other military checkpoints in the West Bank.

In this context, the Israeli media quoted a high-ranking security source as saying that the liberation of the prisoners from prison “reflects a series of serious failures,” noting that it is estimated that digging the tunnel took years, not months.

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