Al-Jumhuriya: “The birth of the Lebanese government” within the next 48 hours?

Al-Jumhuriya: “The birth of the Lebanese government” within the next 48 hours?
Al-Jumhuriya: “The birth of the Lebanese government” within the next 48 hours?

The state of ups and downs in which the government’s authorship file has been swaying for five weeks now indicates a happy ending, and at other times a pessimistic one, which makes it difficult to determine the final destination this file will take. Although the overcast clouds in the atmosphere of communications and the movement of mediators have tended to a little white, in connection with the positive atmospheres that have suddenly spread in the last hours.

In the midst of these climates, all those concerned with authorship are unanimously agreed on a single issue, which is that the decision in this file, in terms of announcing the birth of the government, has become very imminent, and the issue has become a matter of a few hours and the government is at the door of birth.

Perhaps it is the first time since the start of the government crisis that the level of positivity has been “clouded” to such an extent that surrounds the authorship file in this period. It is remarkable that those close to the President of the Republic and the designated president have met to confirm these climates, with their initiative to set very close times to announce the birth of the government. During a period not exceeding forty-eight hours.

According to those close to them, the President-designate presented the President of the Republic with a complete and final lineup, and there are attempts to resolve the dispute over some names and portfolios. As for the blocking third, according to the formation, none of the parties got it, and according to what Aounist MPs said, the agreement was reached on a government of 24 ministers: the President of the Republic has 8 ministers, and the other 16 are for all political forces.

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AlJumhuriya birth Lebanese government hours

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