Kochavi visited Barel Shmueli’s parents

Kochavi visited Barel Shmueli’s parents
Kochavi visited Barel Shmueli’s parents

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi arrived this morning (Sunday) to visit the family of an IDF fighter who was killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip, the late Barel Shmueli. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with Kochavi yesterday following the events of recent days and said: Errors, too, and sometimes they are tragic. “

Kochavi published a letter yesterday following an IDF investigation into the incident, which revealed that the forces on the ground were not deployed correctly. Sadly, it can lead to casualties. “

The late Barel Shmueli | Photo: Courtesy of the family

“There is no role and no profession in which no mistakes are made, and in fighting an enemy in particular,” the chief of staff stressed. It is our duty to interrogate sharply, to arrive at the truth and to learn lessons, but mistakes and judgment on the battlefield are not blamed or punished. “

Kochavi added: “A society that does not support its soldiers and commanders even when they are wrong, will find that there is no one to fight for it. The willingness to bear losses is a condition for national resilience, and resilience is a condition for continued existence. Commanders and soldiers .

Bennett added: “I want you to know, and all uniformed people know – my backing for IDF commanders is complete and absolute. Where there is a battle, there are also mistakes, and sometimes they are tragic. “I very much appreciate the dedication of the IDF commanders and their enormous personal sacrifice for the security of the country.”

Bennett referred to Shmueli’s death and said: “The heartbreak of the entire nation over the fall of the late Barel Hadaria Shmueli is enormous. Barel fell in defense of his people and his country. He joins the good ones his son, who since the founding of the state have given their lives to sustain and preserve it. The family is allowed everything – our job is to give answers, listen and hug. “

Nitza Shmueli, Barel’s mother, was interviewed by Ulpan Shishi on Tuesday and responded to an IDF investigation. Shmueli said that Bennett sent her a letter of condolence, but she tore it up without reading it. .

“My whole life is in Barel,” Shmueli said in an interview. “I can not hold the phone in my hand. I can not see the house. I can not see his room, everything is alive. My son died in the hospital. I did not see him even once. It can not be digested. And why? Because of the default. Today. “I know that all the training and all the ranges and training went down the drain. I do not believe in the army and I do not believe in the government, and I do not believe in anyone.”

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