Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United jealous of Messi!

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United jealous of Messi!
Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United jealous of Messi!

During the past few days, sports fans have expressed their great happiness at the return of veteran Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo to his club, Manchester United, from Juventus, because the “Madeira missile” will offer a lot this season in the English Premier League.

But the legend of Liverpool and the former England national team, Steven Gerrard, considered that Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United is just a media “show” and jealousy of Argentine Lionel Messi, who stole the spotlight from the Portuguese, as a result of his move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, and his achievement of the Cuban title. America with Argentina.

And the British “All Score” website quoted Gerrard as saying: “Ronaldo found himself forced to return to the English Premier League, in order for his name to appear again in the media, because of Lionel Messi, who lifted the Copa America and moved to Paris Saint-Germain.” .

He continued, “I think that Cristiano Ronaldo will not have the same impact on the English Premier League football, as he did in the past, because he wanted to stay away from Juventus so that the international media would return to circulating his name, because all eyes were on Messi.”

He added, “Messi has been the talk of the media since his victory with the Argentine national team in the Copa America title, and after that he left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain. What Ronaldo did was only a marketing strategy from him and his agent, and media speculation.”

And he added, “Ronaldo knew very well that he had moved away from the media, and realized that he had retreated. The opportunity was his departure from Juventus to Manchester United. I think the Portuguese has a chance, but his impact with Manchester United will not be the same as before.”

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo (36 years) was subjected to sharp criticism by the legends of the Juventus club, because of the way in which he left the “old lady” at the end of the last summer transfer market, while sports fans are waiting to see him for the first time in the Manchester United shirt in the English Premier League.

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