Nearly 10,000 corona patients a day, an increase in severe patients

Nearly 10,000 corona patients a day, an increase in severe patients
Nearly 10,000 corona patients a day, an increase in severe patients

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Stabilization in the verified numbers? The Ministry of Health updated tonight (Saturday) that 9,739 new corona patients were diagnosed in the last day, which is 6.9 percent of the 143,000 tests performed. However, the number of active patients has dropped slightly and now stands at 90,750 patients across the country.

It was also said that the number of serious patients increased slightly in the last day, after several days of declining data. There are now 677 patients with severe defined conditions, of whom 157 are respirators. Last night, 16 more deaths were recorded from Corona, bringing the total number of victims of the plague to 7,153.

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First two days of school: 8,000 students fell ill in Corona

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Earlier tonight the Ministry of Education released the first antigen test data the parents performed on their children at home. The data show that about 8,000 students were found positive for Corona, but following the detection, the isolation of about 180,000 students was avoided.

The verified students did not come to the kindergartens and schools, and they continued to perform PCR tests in the community. Preventing isolation has resulted in savings of about 360,000 PCR tests, in addition to saving parental work days. These data indicate the responsibility of the parents in Israel. It should be noted that the data are based on parent reports to schools, and as stated, these are only preliminary data.

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