The Chief of Staff rejects the criticism: “For errors of judgment on the battlefield are not punished”

The Chief of Staff rejects the criticism: “For errors of judgment on the battlefield are not punished”
The Chief of Staff rejects the criticism: “For errors of judgment on the battlefield are not punished”

The Chief of the General Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi, did not remain indifferent to the death of Border Patrol fighter Barel, her brother Hadaria Shmueli, from zero-range gunfire on the Gaza border on Saturday night two weeks ago. On the other hand, Kochavi gives full backing to IDF commanders and addresses the widespread public criticism against the investigation in which it was decided to punish the commanders on the ground despite the default.

In a letter sent to IDF soldiers on the eve of Shabbat on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah, Kochavi wrote: “Defense requires fighting and fighting requires sacrifice. Fighting situations are characterized by battle fog and changing circumstances, and decisions are often made with uncertainty and in a short period of time. Therefore, there can always be mistakes, and those that are sad can lead to casualties and deaths. “

Kochavi, in his words, responded to the commanders: “There is no role and no profession in which mistakes are not made, and in fighting against an enemy in particular. “But mistakes on the battlefield are not blamed or punished.”

(Funeral of her late brother Barel, “Here’s the news”)

“The IDF defends along the borders and our soldiers are deployed as a buffer between the enemy and the citizens of the country. This is our destiny! We swore to protect the citizens even at the cost of our lives. The forces are equipped with weapons, weapons activation instructions, full back-up operations and front-line command. The fighters’ hands are released and holding weapons, and in any case of danger to life they pull the trigger to hit the enemy while making sure to be an offensive and moral, militant and valued army, “Kochavi added: The willingness to bear the loss is a condition for national resilience, and resilience is a condition for continued existence. “

The Chief of Staff emphasized: “Commanders and soldiers – I fully support you. Continue to initiate and take responsibility, dare and bear the consequences. The backing we give you expresses first and foremost a backing for the method of command and leadership in the IDF. We will not change it, we will strengthen it. It is not just a matter for the IDF, it is a matter for the State of Israel. Be bold. “

Kochavi concluded his remarks with a greeting to the IDF soldiers: “In honor of the new year, I wish we could accelerate the process of change and renewal that the IDF is going through, which is all based on your quality and dedication and is designed to improve the defense.” “And we will continue to allow each person and family to fulfill their personal lives. I appreciate you very much, trust you, and wish you, the families and the whole house of Israel a happy new year.”

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