“Surprising and painful” … a movement for the families of the victims of the harbor explosion (video)

Today, Saturday, the families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion staged a vigil in front of Gate No. 3 in the port, in order to reject the immunities.

Ibrahim Hoteit, a spokesman for the families of the victims of the Beirut harbor explosion, said at the monthly sit-in for the Martyrs’ Families Committee: “We do not understand your nonsense and your pranks and the registration of electoral points against each other. Keep the bombing issue out of your differences, have mercy on our feelings and pain. Our cause is not for trade and we will not accept its politicization.”

He added, “We are the guardians of the blood that was unjustly shed, and we will not bargain and will not forgive, and all we ask is truth and justice and nothing more.”

He continued, “Some people are still unashamedly hiding behind political and sectarian immunities, it is enough disregard and disregard for our cause, and the Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers is a big lie. What happened on August 4 is a described crime, not a dysfunction.”

The families of the martyrs of the port bombing said: “We have decided to implement sudden and painful moves that you will see in time so that no one will think of obliterating or wasting our case, and we renew the demand that everyone appear before the judicial investigator.”

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