This is how the “socialist” commented on the issue of communication between Lebanon and Syria

Sources in the “Progressive Socialist Party” commented on the visit of the official Lebanese delegation to Damascus, today, Saturday, to discuss the file of importing Egyptian gas to Lebanon through Syria.

“Socialist” sources told“Lebanon 24” In response to a question about the dimensions of this step and whether it means reactivating relations with Syria: “This visit is limited to the framework of facilitating the arrival of Egyptian gas and does not have any dimensions more than that. As for the comprehensive issue, i.e. reactivating relations with Damascus, this is a matter It needs an actual government that takes into account Lebanon’s interests and its relations with its surroundings, including Syria, and it is important that the government take an appropriate step to achieve the national interest.”

The sources added: “The restoration of normal relations between Lebanon and Syria is linked to a decision by the League of Arab States, and this does not cancel out that there are overlapping issues and there is a permanent coordination committee between the two countries. As for the current issue, it is related to Egyptian gas, which came in conjunction with Iranian ships and with the visit of the American delegation to Beirut.” “.

The sources stressed that “any step that contributes to putting an end to the crises experienced by the Lebanese people will be welcome, provided that it does not expose us to additional problems with the international community, especially sanctions.”


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