Stillwater opens Deauville Film Festival

Stillwater opens Deauville Film Festival
Stillwater opens Deauville Film Festival

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Deauville (France): The film “Stillwater” opened the forty-seventh session of the Deauville American Film Festival, in which Charlotte Gansburg is chairing the jury, after it was shown in Cannes.

Wearing a black dress for the occasion, Gansburg, with a broad smile on her face, expressed her pride in taking on these duties on the red carpet leading to the showroom.

“It’s like a game! I don’t take it very seriously. I’m not sure that I can judge a movie even if I’ve been in the cinema for a long time. I will trust my intuition,” she told AFP.

Gansburg is the fourth woman to chair the festival’s jury, after Sandrine Kiberlan (2018), Catherine Deneuve (2019) and Vanessa Paradis (2020).

Among the jury members are actor Donny Podalides and writer Delphine de Vegan. “I’m a bit naive and it’s a lot of fun,” Bodalides said. As for de Vigan, she wants her to be “liked” and guided by her “watching” view.

Unlike last year, the three festival halls will host the audience without limitation, which is good news for Edouard Philippe, former prime minister and current mayor of Le Havre, who attended the opening ceremony.

He said that “attending a festival after such long periods of interruption and quarantine measures is tantamount to restoring all the salt of cultural life that we have been deprived of in recent months.”

Of the 13 independent films competing in Deauville, “twelve film crews answered the call, which indicates that Americans” who were almost completely absent last year “are not afraid to return to Deauville,” festival director Bruno Bard told AFP.

A total of 53 films are expected to be shown at the 47th Deauville American Film Festival.

Directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Matt Damon, “Stillwater” tells the story of a secretive man who has long neglected his family who decides to travel from Oklahoma to Marseilles to be with his daughter who is imprisoned for murder.

On Saturday morning, attention turns to two films in the official competition, “Blue Bio” and “Pleasure”.

The latest work, banned for under-18s, delves into the Los Angeles porn circles, following the path of a 20-year-old Swedish woman who aspires to become a porn star. “I decided to face this world,” said Swedish director Ninja Tyberg. “It was a wonderful experience. I had the impression that it was environments where patriarchal principles and oppressive practices towards women were entrenched…and that’s how it turned out.”

American director Justin Chun’s “Blue Bayou” was previously shown at Cannes in the “Un Certain Regard” category. It tells the story of Antonio LeBlanc, who was born in Korea but who grew up in the United States and is in danger of being expelled from the country where he takes care of a young girl with the latter’s mother.

As for Oliver Stone, he will be attending Saturday to promote the film “GFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass”, which is shown out of competition but has not yet found a distribution agency, despite its screening in Cannes. Dylan Penn is attending the screening of “Flag Day,” a film directed by her father Sean Penn, in which he participated in the race for the Palme d’Or in July.

International star Johnny Depp, 58, is expected to attend this beach city in Normandy on Sunday. The actor, who recently faced off with a tabloid newspaper in a court dispute over his accusation of domestic violence, will present “City of Lies” out of competition. In it, he stars alongside Forest Whitaker as a policeman who is forced to retire against his will. This work was released on DVD.

For the second year, the festival presents French films that have not been shown before. For example, Claude Lelouch will attend with a constellation of stars to show “Lamore Si Miu Qu La Vie”, which he said was his last film. Other stars expected to attend include Christophe Honoré and Ivan Attal.

The winners are expected to be announced on September 11th. Last year’s top prize went to “The Nest”.

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