The resistance of the “forces” continues in the face of the destroyers of Lebanon today

The resistance of the “forces” continues in the face of the destroyers of Lebanon today
The resistance of the “forces” continues in the face of the destroyers of Lebanon today

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On the eve of commemorating the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance under the slogan “continuous resistance”, who were martyred for the survival of Lebanon, not for positions, nor for political gains, but rather struggled to defend a homeland that was occupied, the ruling class continues to abuse its citizens and practice the most severe torture, without caring about the sons of this The country and the sacrifices of its martyrs, rather it strives to suck their blood for the sake of chairs and rations.

It does not seem, until now, that the people of government want to remove the file of authorizing the government from the bottleneck, as everyone is on their positions on the “cowardice of authorship.” The initiatives fall in succession, and whenever the formation moves forward, obstacles appear that push it back, and the last meters look like a minefield, planted by the Covenant after it felt and acknowledged the failure that had befallen it, so it moved to plan “B”, which is to float the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil, perhaps repeating it. What happened to the current and the era of lost points as a result of the destructive approach that led Lebanon to collapse.

The beginning with the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance, who wrote the record of immortality with more than 15,000 martyrs, as sources in the Lebanese Forces party indicated to “Al-Diyar” that the party leader, Samir Geagea, in the martyrs mass that will be held tomorrow, Sunday, will speak out setting a road map and an annual record of all the events that occurred during year and approaching the new year. It will be a speech with a historical, future and struggle dimension, as well as political messages and who bears the responsibility for bringing the country to what it has reached and to end the word with solutions he proposes to get out of the crisis.

Geagea will confirm that the resistance continues, and will launch an attack on the method of forming the government and will consider that the government, whatever its formula and composition, is not and will not be the solution, and that the goal that should constitute a door to salvation is in the parliamentary elections that are tentatively scheduled for May 8, 2022 in order to be an introduction to the process of change Democratic change the existing power. Therefore, Geagea will call on the people who took to the streets and were disappointed with this authority to renew hope for change, because this hope exists if they want to.

Geagea will warn against attempting to obstruct these elections if the power coalition finds that it will lose the current parliamentary majority, a process that will not be easy due to the international focus on this opportunity, which will constitute a real entryway to salvation and restructuring institutions from the parliament to the government to the presidency. Geagea will launch an attack on the forces of the authority that are trying to obstruct the investigation into the Beirut port bombing crime. He will warn against these attempts, which constitute an indictment against the obstructionists, and will call for the support and protection of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Bitar, and the investigation.

On the other hand, regarding the formation of the government, a prominent parliamentary source was surprised by President Michel Aoun’s inability to find the exits proposed by Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati to get the formation out of the impasse, even though he had obtained a privileged share. That the government will see the light before the end of this week? Did he want his pledge, which coincided with the delegation’s arrival in Beirut, to say that the problem is not with him, but with others?

He pointed out, via Asharq Al-Awsat, that Aoun loves to run the country alone and does not want to involve other political components, and he hoped that he would not intend to pressure Mikati to push him to apologize for forming the government, recalling the same scenario he followed with former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He said that Aoun will face a problem not in choosing the alternative, but in that the table will turn against him instead of turning it on others.

The same source called on Aoun to abandon his illegitimate ambitions and not to obey the advice of his political team, provided that he dismiss his demand for the guarantor or blocking third in anticipation of the overthrow of the benefits related to the holding of parliamentary elections or the election of a new president by an elected parliament.

He considered that Aoun’s denial that he targeted Mikati with his presidential statement puts him in front of him with the responsibility of translating his words into actions that lead to the release of his detention in the cabinet, unless he considers that his reign ended without achievements and his only concern became limited to floating his political heir, Representative Gibran Bassil.

In parallel, responsible political sources confirmed to Al-Gomhouria that the prevailing atmosphere so far does not suggest progress on the government track, pointing out that this matter is read in the two statements issued by Aoun and Mikati yesterday, as they intersect at a common point, which is that the formation of the government does not It is still crippled, which means we are aware of the mediations that were launched to build a common space between them on which the government is based.

The same sources said that the coming hours are an opportunity for communications and mediations to succeed in taking matters in one of two directions. As for tangible positives that will lead to a government at the beginning of next week, if not before that, or in another direction in which decisive decisions are taken, and here it is necessary to monitor what the designated president may do, whether in terms of his decision to continue with this task despite the stagnation and obstruction, or the closure of Assignment page and the initiative to apologize.

In a related context, sources accompanying the government file told Al-Gomhoria that despite the attempt to contain the repercussions of the political exchange between the Republican Palace and the Platinum Palace, through what was said to be clarifications received by Mikati that he was not the one concerned or intended by the presidential statement, the past hours did not witness any movement. It continued in any direction. Rather, a remarkable stalemate prevailed, keeping the government in a circle of obstruction. It was completely blocked at the points and knots that the president-designate had previously alluded to in his last television appearance, specifically the blocking third.

But when mediators are asked whether the knot is represented by the blocking third? These people avoid talking about him directly, and are satisfied with saying: There are sticking points related to some names and portfolios that need some time.

With regard to the gas file, a Western diplomatic source made it clear to An-Nahar that any agreement between Egypt and Jordan to export gas to Lebanon through Syria may be consulted before that with the American side, which will not negotiate with Syria on this agreement, but due to the American sanctions linked to the Caesar Act. Traffic fees to Syria should be included in the financing of humanitarian cases so that they do not fall under the penalties associated with the Caesar Act. The party that will negotiate on this is Jordan and Egypt, after consultation and then support from the American side in order to help Lebanon. It should be noted that Egypt and Jordan import Israeli gas, and when the gas enters the pipelines, the nationality cannot be known.

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