Al-Akhbar: Two serious challenges await the Mikati government: Parliamentary and presidential elections could not be held

Al-Akhbar: Two serious challenges await the Mikati government: Parliamentary and presidential elections could not be held
Al-Akhbar: Two serious challenges await the Mikati government: Parliamentary and presidential elections could not be held

News wrote:

At this point, the President-designate refuses to place any of the last two Christian ministers in the quota of the President of the Republic in order to avoid this prohibition. The two presidents did not agree to place the two disputed ministers in a neutral area separating them, as long as they are bound by their understanding on naming them so that government decrees are issued. It is no secret that both Aoun and Mikati want a foothold in at least any of these two ministers. They also know that neither of them can monopolize them together. Add a very important factor that they share, and at which their constitutional powers intersect, in which neither of them can ignore what the other has: the President-designate, who has constitutional competence in proposing the candidate minister, and the President of the Republic, bearer of the final seal.
The two men are equal in imposing prohibitions: the President of the Republic does not tolerate relinquishing a Christian seat that counts in an Islamic reference quota without any bargaining, as long as the Sunni, Druze, and Shiite blocs choose by themselves and alone without sharing their ministers. In his role, the prime minister-designate – in accordance with Hariri’s view – does not agree to hand over the entire Christian share to Aoun alone. Then the last two Christian ministers become the most valuable items of the two presidents’ deal.
This knot has become the cause of the ills and the stumbling block placed in the custody of the mediation of the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim.
Although the prevailing belief is that the two men’s competition for the last Christian seats or for any of them, regardless of the specifications of the minister, is nothing more than a race to obtain the optimal share for each of them, and to enhance his position within the Council of Ministers, but also regarding the portfolios, which relies on their valuable role in the negotiation stage. With the International Monetary Fund, and then after the World Bank, with testimony distributed by the two bags of Social Affairs to Aoun and the Economy to Mikati, however, such a race also seeks to prepare for the likely upcoming dangers.
None of the parties involved in the formation with Aoun and Mikati have any real illusions that they are facing a government of fundamental structural reforms, as advised by the International Monetary Fund repeatedly, and urged by the French initiative and by the Cedre Conference, up to the last conferences. It is not a government of reforms carried out by the forces that are accused of being behind the destruction of the national economy and money, and the collapse of all components of the state after its bankruptcy, the impoverishment of its people and the penetration of corruption in society and the street. In addition, its mission is short, between five and seven months, linked to the date of the upcoming parliamentary elections, if its decrees see the light of day soon. As a result of this eligibility, she shall be deemed to have resigned.
It is not in this way that the officials and those concerned with the formation of the government see its next term. It faces at least three benefits of gradual importance. However, the third one is the worst:
The first is that it is the last government under the current President of the Republic, which makes him need a government that can influence its role and tasks, in order to be able to achieve a minimum level of achievements, if such illusions can still be expected.
Second, it is the government of the parliamentary elections that are supposed to be held in May 2022, according to their constitutional deadlines. Nevertheless, the chances of it achieving it are equal to the chances that it will not be able to extend the mandate of the current parliament, which is fraught with troubles that are not limited to the interior, but which will face what is harsher than the international community. The implication of this is that the House of Representatives falls into a constitutional vacuum resulting from the impossibility of holding new general elections, as well as the failure to remedy this constitutional gap, which will lead the country to the most dangerous threat of total collapse.
The third, with unwavering and inevitable expectations, is that presidential elections will not take place at the end of Aoun’s term within the constitutional deadline between August and October 2022. The worst of what is likely is the continuation of the Mikati government until after the end of the term of the current president, when the disruption of the parliamentary elections is combined with Disrupt the presidential elections.

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AlAkhbar challenges await Mikati government Parliamentary presidential elections held

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