Meet Nadal’s heir

Meet Nadal’s heir
Meet Nadal’s heir

“Superstar was born”, no less and no more, that’s what the official Twitter of the US Open was called Carlos Alcars After the extraordinary, surprising and impressive victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas, ranked 3rd in the world. The battle against the Greek was also without a doubt one of the best games seen this year on the tennis courts, it had everything from everything, but an 18-year-old boy with a mountain of confidence who lifted the stadium on his feet is something that has not happened in the tennis world for years.

The promising young tennis player, who still looks like a child but plays like a tennis player with a lot of experience and ability of course, got the nickname “Rafael Nadal’s heir”, an achievement in itself, when even Tony, Rafa’s uncle and former coach, said so. Carlos, who was born in Murcia, probably won’t be half the bull from Mallorca either, because what Rafa has done in his career is really something very out of the ordinary and also not coming in a generation, but Alkers, who smashed a host of landmarks yesterday, has another bright future ahead. Luca Doncic, Gerard Pique, Feliciano López, Eugenie Bouchard and many others from the world of sports were not left for the Spaniard’s appearance in Flushing Meadow.

It’s really not just the victory over the Greek, who proved that apart from the clay court it is possible to surprise him, it is the very high ability he displayed during the game. This record – the youngest player to win a Top 3 ranking since the round was established in 1973 did not come suddenly. There were early signs, wins in the clay tournaments in Portugal and Croatia, while in the middle the young star also got to play and lose in the Madrid tournament to his idol Nadal.

Also in the United States, which showed him her great love in the game against Stefanos, he made a promising milestone – the youngest player since 1989 to advance to the quarterfinals of the glittering Grand Slam. And of course it is impossible without the greatest milestones they have reached – the youngest since Novak Djokovic in 2005 to go through the third round of the entire Grand Slam that year. Alcars is also the first Spaniard to reach the 4th round in the United States for the first time since how not? The King of Clay, who also said of him this year: “I truly believe he will be a fantastic player in the near future.”

So what’s the magic secret? Extraordinary physicality that brings him to almost every ball, excellent technique from the back line with a sharp backhand like a knife, a soft and good hand near the net with a truly drop shot from the top and of course confidence, confidence and confidence again. At crucial points Alcars is not afraid to go all out with short balls or winners and it definitely pays off for him. And there is the matter of very critical training. The legendary Juan Carlos-Ferrero, who was previously ranked first in the world and even won a Roland Garros, gives the prodigy all the tools he needs, including excellent work on the mental side.

Carlos-Ferrero, who was a fairly diverse player himself, coaches him for two years and sometimes the young Spaniard even gets to train with Nadal himself, but his coach generally says he reminds him of someone else entirely – the legendary Swiss Roger Federer: “Of course you can not even compare One to him, but it’s most similar to me. Both are very aggressive players who know how to do a lot on the pitch, and Roger of course is the best of them all in all parameters. Carlos can also play on any surface and in any style of play. “

And after the celebration, what awaits those who sent the world number 3 home? Perhaps the most comfortable game he could have had in the quarterfinals – the German Peter Giovczyk, who came up from the qualifiers and is in excellent shape. If Alcars continues the magic journey he will later meet the winner between Felix Oja Eliasim and Francis Tiapo and then in the semi-finals will likely meet the menacing Daniel Medvedev, but another vision for the date and meanwhile the 18-year-old still enjoys the historic victory, which caused no bitter weeping at the end The game, a picture a bit reminiscent of Nadal, a decade and a half ago.

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