Watch.. An Egyptian diver retrieves the bodies of the deceased from the water

Watch.. An Egyptian diver retrieves the bodies of the deceased from the water
Watch.. An Egyptian diver retrieves the bodies of the deceased from the water

In a strange story that has occupied the city of Belbeis for a while in the Sharkia Governorate in Egypt, the young man, Muhammad Al-Sayed Mahdi, took his profession as a diver to do charitable works, by exhuming the bodies of the drowned dead and donating them to charity for the soul of his deceased father.

In an interview with, the Egyptian diver explained that he owned a car dealership and profited a lot from it, but after his father’s illness, he spent all his profits on his treatment until God died, and even borrowed to complete his treatment, so he had to close the exhibition and sell a lot of what he owned to pay his debts.

He works for free as charity for his father’s soul

He also added that he is now working in the drinking water authority and is practicing a hobby of diving and diving, explaining that one of his friends called him one day asking him to help him rescue a drowned person who was swallowed by the waters of the Nile in the city, so he immediately rushed to help and rescue and when the young man’s family offered him a sum of money for that He refused and asked her to pray for his father.

This is how his strange journey began, and he used his voluntary work in rescuing the shipwrecked and recovering the bodies of the dead, or even retrieving cars that fell into the Nile waters, canals and drains, as an ongoing charity for his father’s soul because of his intense love for him.

The Nile River from the Egyptian side (istock)

In addition, Muhammad said that the love of the people of the city overwhelmed him, and his reputation spread abroad, until his name began to be repeated in other provinces, where its people began to seek his help.

Communications from abroad

He also received calls from Egyptians residing abroad asking him to go to the places where some of their relatives drowned inside Egypt to retrieve them, as well as their cars and their belongings, offering him generously the money.

But he stressed that despite his great need for money, he refused and asked them to pray for his father, read the Qur’an for him, or distribute charity on his soul.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed contributed to the recovery of hundreds of drowning cases at the level of Egypt’s governorates.

He also participated in a Facebook group called “Divers of Goodness” in Sharqia, where any follower can contact them at any time to help in the rescue.

tragic stories

As for the cases that affected him a lot, he identified the moments of exhuming the body of a drowned groom on his wedding day, after the wedding car fell in the canal, in addition to the exhumation of the body of a young girl from Mansoura.

During his conversation with “Al”, he received a call from the family of a young man named Ibrahim Nasser, 18 years old, who drowned in the Nile, asking for his help to search for his body. So go immediately to help with another team of divers!

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