Egypt.. Latest developments and details of the national project for the rehabilitation of canals (photos)

Egypt.. Latest developments and details of the national project for the rehabilitation of canals (photos)
Egypt.. Latest developments and details of the national project for the rehabilitation of canals (photos)

The Egyptian Minister of Water Resources, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, received a report on the executive position of the national project for the rehabilitation of canals, revealing the implementation rates of this project.

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In the details, the report indicated that “the rehabilitation of canals with lengths of up to 2422 km has been completed in various governorates of the Republic,” noting that “work is underway to implement another 6,204 km.”

The report revealed that “financial funds have been arranged to rehabilitate canals with lengths of up to 379 km, in preparation for offering them to contractors,” bringing the total lengths of canals covered by the project to 9,005 km to date, within the framework of the first phase of the project, which will be completed by mid-2022.

For his part, Mohamed Abdel-Aty confirmed that “the ministry’s agencies are making huge efforts to implement the national project for the rehabilitation of canals, under the supervision and supervision of the ministry’s engineers and inspection committees from the ministry and scientific cadres in Egyptian universities in the governorates, taking into account all the requirements and technical standards, and conducting tests on stones and concrete to ensure their conformity.” specifications, quality and dimensions required.

Abdel-Aty also pointed to “a significant improvement in the process of water management and distribution, resolving water shortage problems at the ends of the canals, improving the quality of water in the canals, and raising the market value of agricultural land in the control of the rehabilitated canals,” explaining that “the Ministry is currently implementing a comprehensive development process for the water system.” It includes the rehabilitation of canals and watering cans, the implementation of modern irrigation systems, and the use of smart irrigation applications in agricultural lands, in order to rationalize water uses and achieve sustainable development for agricultural development projects, which will have a positive impact on farmers in the first place.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources has offered 15 contracts in the governorates of Qalyubia, Dakahlia, Menoufia, Alexandria, Fayoum, and Assiut, with a total number of 557 irrigated waters with lengths of 462 km, as it was implemented in 18 km, and implementation is underway in the rest of the lengths. The Ministry “continues its efforts to encourage farmers to switch from flood irrigation systems to modern irrigation systems, as these systems represent a clear importance in rationalizing water consumption and increasing farmers’ profitability by maximizing crop productivity, improving their quality and reducing operating costs.” In control of approximately 403,000 acres, in addition to submitting requests from farmers to switch to modern irrigation systems with control of up to 85,000 acres.”

Ethiopia had pledged earlier last August to the fair and equitable use of the waters of the Nile River, in close consultation with the countries concerned.

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have been negotiating for 10 years without achieving any success on resolving the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, while tension escalated around it in the past months after Addis Ababa implemented a first operation for the facility.

Ethiopia pins its hopes for development and power generation on the Renaissance Dam, while Sudan is concerned about the flow of water to its dams, and Egypt fears it will affect its water supply.

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