Extensive interaction with the image of the first Saudi fighter

Extensive interaction with the image of the first Saudi fighter
Extensive interaction with the image of the first Saudi fighter

– Who is the fighter whose image sparked an interaction?

Farida Al-Yazidi, and she belongs to the first batch of women who joined the units of the Saudi army with different ranks.

Where was the photo of the Saudi fighter published?

On the account of the Saudi Ministry of Defense on “Twitter”, on the occasion of the graduation of the first batch of fighters.

A picture published by the Saudi Ministry of Defense, showing a female fighter in the ranks of the Kingdom’s armed forces, received a great response from citizens; The female fighter belongs to the first batch of women who joined the Saudi army units with different ranks.

The Saudi Ministry of Defense published a picture of the fighter, Farida Al-Yazidi, on her Twitter account, under the comment, “Saudi Arabia is proud and proud,” wearing her combat uniform and carrying a rifle, before the young woman’s image found a remarkable interaction on social networking sites in the Kingdom.

Saudi citizens expressed their pride in the Saudi fighter, declaring their pride in what women have achieved in the Kingdom to take a role in jobs they did not reach previously.

Saudi citizens encouraged the women of their country, in an expression of their support, to take a greater position in society by working in jobs that were the preserve of men.

Al-Yazidi is one of a batch of Saudi female recruits who became the first female fighters in the Saudi armed forces, after they completed a training course at a women’s military center opened in Riyadh, as part of extensive plans to empower women.

The Saudi General Staff organized a graduation ceremony for the first batch of women, last Wednesday, in conjunction with the official opening of the Women’s Cadre Training Center, the first of its kind in the country.

On the other hand, there were Saudi voices that expressed their astonishment at the involvement of women in military work within the army units. Many considered that this work was not commensurate with the capabilities of women.

The Ministry of Defense published pictures and videos of the graduation ceremony, before publishing the next day a short documentary film detailing the training of the graduates.

In 2019, the Saudi Ministry of Defense announced that young Saudi women would be allowed to join the ministry and hold military positions at multiple ranks.

Many Saudi women have been working for years in the Ministry of Defense in non-combat sectors affiliated with the ministry; Such as medical, cultural and social specializations, but the jobs that the new graduates will occupy are directly affiliated with the military sector, although they will also be assigned administrative tasks and will not participate in field tasks at the current stage, as it is believed.

The Ministry of Defense joins by attracting women and appointing them to military positions in the Ministry of the Interior that preceded it. Saudi women work with military ranks in the sectors of drug control, prisons, criminal investigation, customs, inspection work and security guards.

Saudi Arabia is working on empowering women in various sectors of the labor market and participating in public life, and for this purpose it has amended many of its local laws and enacted other new laws.

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