Egypt News.. The government denies distributing recycled oil cans as part of the supply goods

Egypt News.. The government denies distributing recycled oil cans as part of the supply goods
Egypt News.. The government denies distributing recycled oil cans as part of the supply goods

Over the past few hours, The Seventh Day has published more important news and reports, most notably:

The government denies distributing recycled oil cans to citizens as part of the food commodities

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that in light of the news reported about the circulation of recycled used oil containers and their distribution to citizens within the supply commodities, the Center contacted the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which denied the news, stressing that there is no truth to the circulation and distribution of recycled used oil containers. Citizens must be included in the food commodities, and that there are no recycled oils within the food commodities in consumer complexes, grocery stores, or my association’s branches, and that all food commodities are safe, sound, and conform to standard specifications, stressing the quality of edible oils produced by both the subsidiaries of the Holding Company for Industries Food companies, or those contracting with the Ministry, where these companies abide by the conditions and standard specifications for refining ratios, color and smell approved for the production of edible oil, and are also subject to examination and control by the concerned authorities, to ensure the extent of compliance with the supply and health requirements for goods, while taking all legal measures in the event of monitoring any infraction.

The Prime Minister inspects a number of projects in the new administrative capital

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly started an inspection tour in the New Administrative Capital to follow up on the implementation of projects there.

The Armed Forces announces a reduction in the admission rates of the Air College to 52% to increase the number of pilots

Within the framework of the Armed Forces’ keenness to expand the selection base of students applying for air enrollment, and in line with the development of the Egyptian Air Force, which includes the increase and diversity of aircraft types during the current period, and in parallel with the decrease in the total numbers of high school students for this year, and the desire of many applicants to join the Air College.

Housing: the completion of the implementation of 16 thousand apartments in “Sakan Misr and JANNA” in New Mansoura

Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, continued the executive position of the various housing and service projects being implemented in the new city of Mansoura, which is one of the fourth-generation cities, and is considered the window of the tourist delta, and includes different types of housing: (tourist housing, villa housing, medium housing, and housing distinct social), and includes all necessary services.

The UAE decides to cancel the quarantine for expatriates vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, starting tomorrow

A report issued by the Labor Representation Office of the Ministry of Manpower at the Egyptian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, revealed that the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi announced the update of travel procedures for citizens, residents and visitors coming from outside the country, so that it begins It will be effective from tomorrow, Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Coordination of the second stage..223 thousand students register desires on the electronic coordination website

Mr. Atta, Head of the Education Sector at the Ministry of Higher Education and General Supervisor of the Coordination Office, announced this Saturday morning that the number of applicants for the coordination of the second phase of university admission has so far reached 223,000 students for the academic year 2021/2022.

Allow high school students for a second round to enter the exam with the textbook

The high school exams committees allowed a second round to enter high school students with the school book, where students take the exam “in the open book” according to questions that measure understanding, all of which are multiple-choice. Banning the possession of a mobile phone for not implementing the fraud law.

The railways begin today, replacing a number of Lower Egypt trains with “Tahya Misr” vehicles.

Today, Saturday, September 4, the National Railways Authority of Egypt will start replacing a number of train cars, as part of the continuous modernization plan that the authority follows in all its sectors, especially the mobile units sector, and in line with the directions of the political leadership for new railways by the end of 2021.

Presidential Spokesperson: An Egyptian-Cypriot summit today to support joint cooperation

The work of the joint high committee between Egypt and Cyprus, headed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, will be held at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic at the Federal Palace, with the participation of the relevant ministers, members of the delegations of the two countries.

Meteorology: Hot weather on Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt and Greater Cairo, 34 degrees

The Meteorological Authority expects today, Saturday, to witness hot and humid weather in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt, hot and humid on the northern coasts, and very hot in southern Sinai and the south of the country. As for the weather at night, moderate and humid weather will prevail over Greater Cairo and the rest of the regions.

“Education” continues to examine high school grievance papers and announce results electronically

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education continues to examine the grievance papers of high school students on the result, as the control works to correct manually through experts and grade estimators, provided that the results of the grievances are announced electronically on the Ministry of Education website.

The demand for police applications .. and the academy forms two committees to answer inquiries

During these days, the Police Academy is witnessing a high turnout of students to apply for it, as they take a number of tests, and the student is entitled to join the academy if he passes all of them. The Police Academy formed two inquiry committees at the Academy’s main portal No. 5 to respond to inquiries from visitors.

Mohamed Salah arrives in Gabon and joins the Egyptian national team in preparation for tomorrow’s match

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player and captain of the national team, arrived in Gabon to join the team’s camp in preparation for the match against Gabon tomorrow, Sunday, as part of the second round of African qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar.

Two people were arrested excavating for antiquities after they found a mill from the Roman era in Beni Suef

The agencies of the Ministry of Interior continued their efforts to combat the crimes of excavation and excavation, within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially the crimes of excavation and antiquities excavation.

Gold prices rise at the end of the week’s sessions.. 21 karat at 792 pounds

Gold prices in Egypt witnessed a rise at the end of the week’s sessions, with the global stock exchanges closed late on Friday evening, as gold witnessed a rise to levels of 1827 dollars globally, which caused the price of gold in the Egyptian market to rise to levels of 792 pounds per gram without adding the price of workmanship.

Second round of high school exams start, 141 thousand students take exams

Today, Saturday, the exams for the second round of high school students will start in 2021. About 141,000 students will take the exams in the second round, in 340 traffic committees at the level of all scientific and literary divisions.

A vaccine to treat cancer that uses corona vaccination technology proves its effectiveness in experiments

Research from the University of Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research has shown that the technology behind the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine for the Corona virus has the potential to treat cancer, and scientists from the University of Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research are building on the success of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine against the Corona virus to develop a vaccine to treat cancer. Researchers have developed a two-dose therapeutic cancer vaccine using the same technology as the Corona vaccine, according to a statement from the university on its official website.

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