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Israel’s tenth ranking: Eyal Ofer is estimated at $ 12 billion

Israel’s tenth ranking: Eyal Ofer is estimated at $ 12 billion
Israel’s tenth ranking: Eyal Ofer is estimated at $ 12 billion
The Rich of Israel (Photo by Jonathan Zindel and Moshe Shai Flash 90, Sivan Faraj)

Ranking of Israel’s richest people according to the international magazine, Forbes. Miriam Adelson continues for another week to lead the summit and become the richest woman in Israel, after last week Adelson exploded as her fortune grew by more than $ 2.5 billion. Last week, Adelson recorded another $ 100 million increase in capital, estimated at $ 30.2 billion. In the world rankings, Adelson is ranked 51st in the world.

In second place, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich with an estimated fortune of $ 14.5 billion, the owner of the European Football Champion is in 150th place in the world rankings. Eyal Ofer, the Israeli The first sabra on the list is in third place among the richest in Israel. This week, Ofer broke another record when he reached an estimated fortune of $ 12 billion after his fortune increased this week by about $ 300 million. Ofer rose from 192nd place to 191st place in the world rankings.

Patrick Drahi with an estimated fortune of $ 10.7 billion is in 212nd place, down last week from 214th place in the world. Idan Ofer, on the other hand, rose from 444th place to 437th place after increasing its fortune by about $ 200 billion to an estimated fortune of $ 6.7 billion. The rest of Israelis dropped to global positions even though their capital did not change: Steph Wertheimer with $ 6.2 billion dropped to 491st place from 475th place, Teddy Sagi dropped from 551st place to 569th place with an estimated fortune of $ 5.5 billion.

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Israels tenth ranking Eyal Ofer estimated billion

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