Saudi fighter Farida Al-Yazidi impresses in the first armed appearance

Saudi fighter Farida Al-Yazidi impresses in the first armed appearance
Saudi fighter Farida Al-Yazidi impresses in the first armed appearance

A Saudi fighter, who belongs to the first batch of women who joined the Saudi army units at different ranks, impressed her citizens, after she appeared in her combat uniform, carrying a rifle, in an unfamiliar scene in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Ministry of Defense published a picture of the fighter, Farida Al-Yazidi, on her Twitter account, under the comment, “Saudi Arabia is proud and proud,” before the young woman’s photo found a remarkable interaction on social networking sites in the Kingdom.

The Saudi media, Khadija Abdullah, said that Al-Yazidi’s image is history, adding: “I am happy with the high level that Saudi girls have reached… and proud of their achievements.”

Farida Al-Yazidi is one of a batch of Saudi female recruits who became the first female fighters in the Saudi armed forces, after they completed a training course at a women’s military center that was opened in Riyadh, as part of extensive plans to empower women.

The Saudi General Staff organized a graduation ceremony for the first batch of women, last Wednesday, in conjunction with the official opening of the Women’s Cadre Training Center, the first of its kind in the country.

The Ministry of Defense published photos and videos of the graduation ceremony, before publishing the next day a short documentary film detailing the training of the graduates.

The move aroused wide interest in the Kingdom, amid many reactions, some of whom liked the move, and another team seemed surprising or critical, while local, Arab and international media raced to highlight the new change in the armed forces in the largest Arab Gulf country.

In 2019, the Saudi Ministry of Defense announced that young Saudi women would be allowed to join the ministry and hold military positions at multiple ranks.

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