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Saudi camels snatch the three symbols

Saudi camels snatch the three symbols
Saudi camels snatch the three symbols

Saudi camels stole the spotlight in the first symbols of the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its third edition, by winning three symbols out of the four symbols runs that took place yesterday.
The reel “Wahez” of Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef won the first symbolic run, and also achieved the best timing in the evening period by finishing the game in two minutes and 48 seconds, while Al-Qaoud “Nayyaf” of Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd won the second symbolic run in the Al-Haqiq category.
The reel was crowned with “certainty” by Suleiman Salama Al-Juhani in the third round of symbols, and the “Daoud” for the “Saudi Bronx” hybrid of the American Qassem Abu Nasser won the fourth round of symbols.
Yesterday, the 30-race competitions for the facts category were concluded, and took place in two periods, morning and evening. The “Muttahed” seat for Fahd Abdullah Al-Shammari scored the best time in the morning, cutting the half distance in two minutes and 59 seconds, and the “Doha” reel by Salem Ali Al-Marri, and the “Presence” by Taleb Khaled Al-Marri, scored the best second and third time, respectively, with a difference of fractions of a second from The ride has the best timing.


Saudi camels snatch symbols

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