Hamas threatens escalation: “All means of pressure available”

Hamas threatens escalation: “All means of pressure available”
Hamas threatens escalation: “All means of pressure available”

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(Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash90)

Despite the entry of the Qatari envoy, Muhammad al-Amadi, into the Gaza Strip, Hamas continues to toughen positions on settlements with Israel.

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The Hamas leadership informed the Qatari envoy that it was refusing to accept the Israeli intervention and threatened to resume inflating balloons tomorrow. According to Palestinian media reports, the opposition comes after Israel removed a large number of people from the original list submitted by Hamas to the Qatari envoy, claiming that they were affiliated with the terrorist organization.

(Photo: Tal Oz / Ministry of Defense)

As you may recall, two weeks ago, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz announced a new mechanism for transferring Qatari money to the Gaza Strip, which will ensure that the money reaches the needy families and not Hamas. Gantz clarified that “alongside the fuel purchased by the UN through the financing of Qatar, the money intended to help hundreds of thousands of needy people will be put in, through a mechanism where the UN will transfer the money to a bank in Gaza.” Eligible. “

“The new mechanism that we have led in the defense system in coordination with all the relevant factors, will allow us to continue the policy that we decided upon at the end of Operation Wall Guard,” he added. “At the same time as creating the mechanism, we are continuing a dialogue with the Palestinian Authority, which is the representative body of the Palestinians in the region, in order to examine the possibility of another mechanism in which money will be transferred in a supervised manner through it.”

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Hamas threatens escalation means pressure

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