“The Current” warns that Lebanon is entering a major crisis!

The Political Council of the Free Patriotic Movement held its periodic meeting electronically headed by Representative Gebran Bassil and discussed its agenda, and issued a statement in which it said: “The Political Council believes that those who claim to support the state of the designated president and at the same time obstruct the formation of the government to push the designated president to apologize, bear responsibility for the consequences of that. from a social explosion that threatens security and stability.”

The Council stressed that the past forces in their plan to overthrow the President of the Republic will inevitably fail to achieve their goal, but in return they will complete the siege on the Lebanese people, who are threatened by chaos, starvation and loss of medicine and energy. Accordingly, the Political Council calls on the designated prime minister to agree quickly with the President of the Republic, his constitutional partner in forming the government, and to announce the government formation after all the artificial obstacles have been overcome, to secure the birth of a government capable of reform and stopping the collapse. The current will not stand idly by in the face of any procrastination in forming the government, and it will start the process of making the necessary decisions in this regard.

The Free Patriotic Movement warns that Lebanon will enter a major crisis soon if Parliament does not issue a law allowing the Banque du Liban to finance the Electricité du Liban, without legally compromising the mandatory reserve, in order to purchase the fuel needed to produce electricity at a rate of at least 16 hours per day, which stops waste and financial cost. The high resulting from the purchase of diesel fuel for generators. The current warns against obstructing or delaying the issuance and distribution of the financing card that will provide citizens with the minimum purchasing power in compensation for what they will lose as a result of lifting fuel subsidies.
It is also necessary to issue the law presented by the Strong Lebanon bloc, which gives social assistance to workers in the public sector, enabling them to go to work, provide the necessary services to citizens, and run the wheel of the state.

He pointed out that “energy production through the Electricité du Liban and the provision of the financing card and social assistance are prerequisites for reopening schools with compulsory attendance, and this is what constitutes a paramount necessity for the regularity of normal student life.”

The current asked the House of Representatives about the fate of the proposed law to recover funds transferred abroad, most of which belong to politicians and bankers who took advantage of their influence and smuggled the money illegally, at a time when depositors were prevented from withdrawing the minimum of their rights and this smuggling is still continuing, which explains the obstruction of the issuance of the Capital Law A control to control money transfers abroad, which, like other reform laws, has been stuck in the Administration and Justice Committee for several months.

The current asked what prevents the Lebanese judiciary from holding people’s money smugglers and perpetrators of money laundering to account with the exposure of financial crimes that the judiciary has begun to pursue in Europe. European Parliament.

The House of Representatives, especially the obstructing blocs, demanded the adoption of reform laws, foremost of which is the expanded administrative and financial decentralization law. and corruption.
The current considers that the House of Representatives, by its refusal to pass this law, encourages, knowingly or not, the de facto practices that we are witnessing in some areas and lead to the emergence of self-management of people’s lives outside the law and fuel the dreams of some of the division under different names.

The council concluded: “In light of the series of demolition of state institutions, the movement asks if the suspension of lawyers’ work months ago as a result of their union’s strike does not come in the same context and leads to the superiority of the logic of force over the logic of the law? It leads to the obstruction of justice and the failure of justice and the interests of citizens in these difficult circumstances that the country is experiencing.Doesn’t the “absurd” strike serve the planned plan to demolish institutions, unions, and the state in implementation of well-known agendas, even if its owners did not realize that?
Therefore, the Political Council calls on the head of the Bar Association, the Bar Council, and lawyers to end the strike so that regularity returns to judicial life and the lack of justice, and so that lawyers affected by this economic situation can resume their work in order to preserve their dignity and livelihood.

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