Family love and respect for women in Saudi Arabia is unparalleled

Family love and respect for women in Saudi Arabia is unparalleled
Family love and respect for women in Saudi Arabia is unparalleled

An American blogger expressed how happy he was with the respect, appreciation, love and respect for women in the Kingdom, after living there for a long time.

This came through a video clip, which was widely circulated on the social networking site “Twitter” in a message the blogger sent to the American people, in which he said: I have not found in my life anything like the generosity, hospitality and respect shown to me by the Saudis.

He added: It is amazing, we all go through experiences in our lives and the whole world can learn from the Saudi culture, and I am confident that there are other cultures in the world that enjoy good hospitality and generosity, do not misunderstand me, but I am telling from my experience here in Saudi Arabia, I found good hospitality generosity and respect, and I have never experienced anything like this in my life, which is why I could not live away from the United States for 11 years.

On social relationships, the American blogger continued, “Everywhere in the world people value social relationships, but relationships here are very important.

And as for the family, he continued: I love what families do..sometimes I go for a walk at night, and I find beautiful gardens everywhere and when you go for a walk at night or on vacation you see the gardens full of families picnicking and sitting on blankets and young children running and riding their bikes and having the happiest time of their lives.. Really beautiful sight.. Focusing on the family is very important.

And about women, he said: The way they treat women will surprise you.. the media tells us that they treat women badly.. women are treated in the best way and with the utmost respect.. if a woman enters the bank, she will immediately go to the front of the line, and even if they have a class reserved for women, their faith, The Islamic faith teaches them that the most important person in the family is the mother, the second most important person is the mother, and the third most important person is the mother, and this is what their religion teaches them, so women are treated well while they wear black clothes because this is their desire. They love to wear black clothes and are proud of their religion, and many Islamic teachings She talks about family, mother, neighbors and relatives.

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