Meet MiSTer for old games

Meet MiSTer for old games
Meet MiSTer for old games Many users are attracted to retro games, because they remind them of their childhood experiences and because they offer an experience not found in modern games.

Therefore, a group of developers decided to present the MISTer device to play old games from different eras and platforms that appeared, whether it was gaming consoles or old computers.

This project comes as an open source project, which means that everyone can participate in its development and modification to suit their uses.

The difference between MISTer and other old game emulators

The MISTer is not the first device dedicated to legacy game emulators, but it is one of the most powerful devices that has come out that promises a unique and unique experience.

This device comes to complete the development that started on the first generation of it, which was called MIST only.

These devices rely on FPGA technology to simulate the hardware of older devices, so you get a result that is close to the old platforms from this device.

You can also develop the device as you wish, because it is built on an open source kernel and uses components available for purchase from any electronic store.

The motherboard has a place to connect the HDMI port, memory card and USB, and you can upgrade this motherboard as you wish as long as you have the necessary experience.

And this device can emulate games in a precise way, so you get the same result that was shown on the platforms.

This method differs from emulator applications that are installed on different devices, because computer emulators may crash or not work well at times.

You can easily get this device through sales sites that sell it pre-assembled, or you can assemble it yourself.

By purchasing the component parts for it, and then installing the system and the emulator on it, building this emulator may cost you about $170.

While it costs about 370 dollars to buy it ready-made, the device can play all games from all platforms, including old Capcom and Atari consoles.

You can upgrade the platform and equip it with a Wi-Fi or wireless Internet connection to download games directly to it.

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