Resentment in Egypt..A nursery that uses a Quranic verse to promote itself

Resentment in Egypt..A nursery that uses a Quranic verse to promote itself
Resentment in Egypt..A nursery that uses a Quranic verse to promote itself

A picture that spread on social media during the past hours has sparked resentment and anger among Egyptians, as it showed a building for a nursery with a Quranic verse on top of it that was misused for propaganda, according to local media.

After a citizen filed a complaint on this issue, the Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, demanded that officials in the ministry follow up on the complaint.

For its part, the Ministry of Solidarity opened an investigation into the incident, and demanded the nurseries “not to place verses from the Holy Qur’an or from the Bible, given that these verses may contain spelling or linguistic errors, especially since God’s words are free from any error, and they are often taken out of their context and distorted.” meaning, which may expose the reader to misunderstanding or mixed.

The Ministry opened an investigation

The ministry said that the inclusion of religious topics in the appearance of the service may suggest that this service is limited only to people of this religion and truth, stressing that the homeland is for everyone.

She stated that she relied in this matter on a fatwa from the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa stating that placing verses in this way is not permissible because it is used for what is not mentioned in it, noting that instilling religious and moral values ​​during childhood and raising generations on them is very required to establish virtuous principles and teach positive behaviors in society. .

It is noteworthy that the written verse is verse 12 of Surah Yusuf: “Send him with us tomorrow to frolic and play, and we will guard him.”

According to local media, all nursery officials nationwide have been notified to monitor the location of the nursery in question, and to take the necessary measures.

The photo also received wide reactions on social media, ranging from criticizing those who try to exploit the Quranic verses, and denouncing what the nursery did.

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