The Danish capital is the first.. Learn about the safest cities in the world in 2021 | the scientist

The Danish capital is the first.. Learn about the safest cities in the world in 2021 | the scientist
The Danish capital is the first.. Learn about the safest cities in the world in 2021 | the scientist

These cities have the highest rating in the safety index compiled by The Economist. In the report published by the Spanish magazine “muynegociosyeconomia”, the writer Juan Pedro Fernandez says that the Corona virus pandemic has significantly affected urban security.

According to data released by the “Safe Cities Index 2021” report, prepared by the Economist Intelligence magazine, Copenhagen – with a score of 82.4 points – is the safest city in the world in 2021, ahead of Toronto (82.2 points) and Singapore. (80.7 points).

This classification, which includes 60 major cities in the world, is based on 5 criteria: digital security, health, infrastructure, environmental security, and personal.

Top ten cities

The writer mentioned that the cities of Asia and the Pacific dominate the top ten, namely: Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Wellington, and Melbourne. Although American cities generally performed the worst, they excelled in one key area: digital security, with Los Angeles and San Francisco taking the top five places in this category. Barcelona ranked 11th with 77.8 points, and Madrid 21st with 74.7 points.

Aside from health security, which is a major issue in the COVID-19 crisis, digital security is of greater importance within the urban security index, as it is a vital factor in promoting remote work and online commerce. As for infrastructure, officials must adapt to drastic changes in travel patterns and public services.

In terms of personal security, responsible agencies must address the dramatic shift in crime patterns that have exacerbated during the lockdown, while the priority given to environmental security has increased significantly as COVID-19 is a dire warning of other unforeseen crises.

Highest in human development index

According to The Economist’s 2019 report, cities with higher HDI scores are often the safest. This may be due to the fact that higher incomes help finance investments that increase security, not to mention that economic growth depends on an environment that benefits from all kinds of security.

In addition, these countries have almost no prevalence of corruption, which means that “honest government is a prerequisite for a safe city”.

After Copenhagen, which ranked the safest city in 2021 with a score of 82.4 points, the Canadian city of Toronto comes in second place with 82.2 points, thanks to its excellence in the environment sector, and Singapore is in third place with 80.7 points.

The Australian capital, Sydney, ranked fourth with a score of 80.1 points, topping the digital security section, followed by the Japanese capital, Tokyo, with a total of 80 points, as it emerged in the infrastructure sector and got the highest score among all countries in this field.

As for the sixth place, Amsterdam came with a total of 79.3 points in the ranking, with distinction in the personnel department. The New Zealand capital, Wellington, ranked seventh with a total of 79 points, as it monopolized the highest score in the environment sector.

Hong Kong ranked eighth with a total of 78.6 points, sharing this rank with the Australian city of Melbourne, which got the same total. In the tenth place, the Swedish capital, Stockholm, came with a total score of 70 points, outperforming in personal safety indicators.

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