The UAE provides all possibilities to support startups and entrepreneurship

The UAE provides all possibilities to support startups and entrepreneurship
The UAE provides all possibilities to support startups and entrepreneurship

Dubai: «The Gulf»

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises, shed light on entrepreneurship and the changes in the new world, in a speech in which he addressed young people during his participation in an interactive dialogue session organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth within the activities of the summer camp 2021, under the title: « Entrepreneurship and the changes of the new world.
He focused on the importance of youth and their role in building the future, the need to understand global changes in the entrepreneurship sector, the new normal, and the opportunities and challenges facing young people to turn to entrepreneurship, in addition to providing some important recommendations that would enable young people to be successful entrepreneurs.
Small and Medium Enterprises
For her part, Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, expressed in a speech at the beginning of the session the importance of youth participation in such activities, especially economic ones related to entrepreneurship and the opening of small and medium enterprises, which today represent a positive meeting point between youth and economic institutions. working in the entrepreneurship sector, noting that there has been a clear focus by many institutions during the past periods on entrepreneurship and the development of economic projects, which contributes to achieving economic growth on the one hand, leading to sustainable and comprehensive growth.
She pointed to the great interest of the wise leadership in developing facilities and programs that enable young people to contribute to economic growth, promote small and medium enterprises, and achieve entrepreneurship, which represents a goal of our wise leadership, through many means, including including in the curricula specialized studies on entrepreneurship. In order to motivate young people and young people to open pioneering economic and commercial projects.

tomorrows world
Dr. Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi said: “We are facing new concepts for the world of tomorrow, whose first features are beginning to emerge today, and we are on the threshold of a new normal reality, a reality that requires us to think deeply to identify its components and tools that will be more effective in formulating its sectors. Opportunities will be available to young people.
And he indicated that the world will witness more changes in the coming years, noting that young people today must know how they can adapt to this reality with its challenges, and how they will be able at the same time to exploit the opportunities that will accompany these changes, while at the same time knowing the tools that Young people should arm themselves with it to achieve success and excellence, and discover opportunities that match their abilities, skills and experiences in the world of tomorrow.
He stressed the UAE’s wise leadership’s interest in youth and its belief in their role in creating the future and the efforts made to support entrepreneurship. He said: “Given the great importance of entrepreneurship, and the absolute belief of the wise leadership in youth and their active role in creating the future, the UAE has laid the foundations for building work systems. It motivates young people to become entrepreneurs, and provides them with the capabilities and ingredients that enable them to achieve their ambitions and succeed in their businesses, thus bringing the UAE to the first place regionally and fourth globally on the Global Entrepreneurship Index for the year 2020; This surpasses many major global economies in the overall ranking of the index, such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, many European Union countries, China, Japan and South Korea.

Foreseeing the future
He added: “The UAE, with its forward-looking vision for the future, is racing against time and setting procedures and steps to support the startups and entrepreneurship sector. To make the future of the UAE in the next fifty years, as it was a pillar for making achievements in the past fifty years.”
He explained that entrepreneurship is a concept rooted in the UAE, and our youth today should focus on anticipating the future and seizing its important opportunities, and working to acquire new knowledge and skills that enhance the position of the UAE in the future, by carefully reading the reality and identifying its new challenges that will be reflected in our lives and future. our business.
He referred to the major prevailing trends that encourage young people to enter sectors and industries based on innovation, explaining that among the solutions that were developed to confront the problems left by the Covid-19 crisis, foremost of which is the problem of unemployment among youth, is to unleash entrepreneurship in sectors that depend on innovation. At the same time, focusing on highlighting the global trend towards adopting digital solutions and innovative technical ideas.
Balhoul Al Falasi concluded his speech by presenting recommendations to young people that would enable them to be successful entrepreneurs who write local and global success stories, including: focusing on benefiting from the digital revolution and employing digital transformation, reading the reality accurately based on accurate and reliable studies and research, and managing and designing Passionate pursuit and learning from experiences to achieve the desired goals, successful strategic planning, ability to adapt to developments, think in creative ways, deal with challenges as opportunities for business development and develop plans for risk management.

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